I grew up when Diff'rent Strokes was a popular television show. That's no big deal unless your last name is Willis. To this day I still hear those famous words popularized by Arnold: "Whatchu talkin bout Willis?" Usually they are uttered by someone looking at me as though I may have never heard it before. Yeah, right! Well this blog is what I (Willis) am talkin bout...my thoughts, observations & opinions. Enjoy...

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Man, I hope this Prilosec stuff works. I just started it. You see, lately I have been struck with heartburn & acid reflux (yuck!). I wake up at 3 AM and it feels like I've been nursing a car battery or something. Then I can't get back to sleep (who can sleep sitting up anyway?) and then I'm beat all the next day. Then it's the same thing the again the following night! It might be that I'm pounding down enormous quantities of greasey foods along massive amounts of sugar. Of course I've always done that. It might also be the 12 packs of Diet Coke that I rountinely put away. Who knows? What a lousy time of the year for this to happen!

Monday, December 18, 2006


Carmelo Anthony sures knows how to throw a sucker punch. Did you notice how he backed up. Gutless. He looked like DB Champ Bailey backing up in prevent coverage. I say it's time for a new nickame for "Melo." I'd like to suggest the more appropriate "Yello." It still rhymes and, more importantly, it better defines Mr. Anthony. The NBA has suspended "Yello" for 15 games. Maybe he can get a gig in the WNBA.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christian vs. Christ Follower

I'm a Christ Follower (Mac vs. PC Parody) ... I found these videos linked at a blog I occasionally visit - INTERNETMONK.COM. The monk's reformed theology is not to my liking but I do frequently find his thoughts interesting. Anyway, these vids were likewise thought provoking. People who commented represented a wide range of reactions. I thought the videos were well done and could be used as good illustrations. They will certainly get a discussion started as well as create strong reactions and very divergent opinions... Just check out Monk's comments as well as the others.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I recently got to be in on a conference call with Reggie McNeal. He is with Leadership Network and a fairly prominent author. He also wrote one of my favorites - The Present Future. The guy was great. He said he has a new life coaching book coming out soon titled "Get a Life." The best part is the subtitle: "It is all about you!" Very funny. He said he "figured if Rick (Warren) could sell 30 million people on the idea that 'it's not about you'" then he could sell 100 million saying "it IS about you." He said " I'm a little tired of self-absorbed people telling me it's all about God." I really like this guy.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Interesting Contrast

Last night we held a meeting for those who had committed to helping serve on day/night at a homeless shelter here in town. We had 20-25 people show up. I was pleasanttly surprised with the tunrout but also for another reqson... The meeting was held in a room where I regularly teach on an adult Bible study on Wednesday nights. What struck me was that of the 20-25 people present this past Tuesday (same attendance on Wednesdays) ONLY ONE PERSON, excluding myself, was present in both groups. I'm sure I could put my interpretation hat on an explain this, but I won't. I did find this very interesting and will continue to ponder this for a while.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has past yet my waist still provides ample evidence that there was plenty of food at our celebration. I've consumed mass quantities of calorie rich foods for the past week and I'm almost sick of eating. But today is the beginning of my annual pre-Christmas weight loss program. How will I do it? These semi-tasty MET-Rx Protein Plus bars. I'll do one for breakfast & another for lunch daily. My evening meal will be normal (huge). This should save a few calories daily and I'll be slim & trim by Christmas. Maybe...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm Out

I'm off to South Carolina to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. We are taking my mom down to my sister, Cindy's home at Pawley's Island. It should be a good time. It's always nice to get away for some r & r. I'll post later... probably next week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Old Folks Home

"Old folks home?" "Nursing home?" "Convalescent home?" Whatever you call it I went to one today: Riverside Regional Convalescent Center. I was filling for another local preacher. I got to speak to 20-30 folks and some staff people too. It's my second time and it was a blast! I really like preaching there. The residents are so appreciative. I can't help but think that they would be considered the "least of these." My sermon was "Desperate People Do Desperate Things" from Luke 8:40-56. I hope they'll have me back soon.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I preached on the subject of baptism this past Sunday. I always like to let it rip about that topic. It's been a good few days since. We had 2 ladies immersed Sunday afternoon. Then yesterday another couple came by and they were immersed too. I think we are getting some momentum again. Summer was tough but we've had several addtions in the last couple of weeks. The best part is the majority of additions have been through baptism.

PS. That's not me in the picture; just some random baptizer from the web.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sure I was excited...

Sure I was excited when Joe Gibbs dramatically came back to the Redskins. There appeared to be a return to glory in Washington's future. That was then. The Redskins are no where near the upper echelon of the league. In fact, they are firmly planted in the lower tier of the NFL. Joe is highly paid and has the highest paid (or over paid) staff in history. He continues to waste $$$ (but Snyder has plenty). He contines to waste draft picks (and Snyder doesn't have plenty). It isn't 1983 and Joe's simply not getting it done. It's time for Danny to turn over the team to a less legendary guy and start building a franchise for the modern era. I know this will make me a Benedict Arnold to the faithful but it's been over for the legend for quite a while. Any less legendary guy would have already cleaned out his desk. Admittedly, I'm not the football fan I was when I was 16, but Joe's not the coach he was back then either!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Color him blond

IBF/IBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (47-3, 42 KOs) knocked out previously unbeaten Olympian Calvin Brock (29-1, 22 KOs) in round seven on Saturday night at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York City.

I'm thinking this guy could help himself get more recognition and notoriety. I suggest that he go with the blond, flat top look, you know like Ivan Drago from Rocky 4. This should generate more coverage in the sports world. Maybe he could even go with a retro U.S.S.R. robe too! Anyway, the guy can fight.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Surprise: NO Surprise!

So I rush to the office this morning to download some new songs to my wife's Ipod Shuffle. She's running a 1/2 marathon this weekend and I like to surprise her with some new songs whenever she races. (I know - what a great husband). Anyway, I came to the office because we have DSL and I can download faster and she's leaving in about 30 minutes for North Carolina. One problem: Itunes keeps asking me if I want to replace the playlist on the Ipod with the Itunes library on my computer. So I can't figure this dumb Apple Imess out! Why can't I add some songs to this Ipod without replacing the whole library? I'm sure it has to with copyright stuff or maybe its just Apple doing their proprietary stuff again. Of well. Ifailed Iguess.

UPDATE - From Mac.com" You can only link your iPod to one computer at a time. If you connect your iPod to a computer with a music library that is not linked with your iPod, you’ll see a message asking if you want to overwrite the contents of the iPod with the contents of the new music library. In most cases you’ll want to choose “No.”

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hill & Bill

2008 is around the corner. Might Hillary be the next president? Everyone seems to think not, but stranger things have happened particularly in politics. I can see Bill by her side biting his lip and grinning proudly. The "feminazis" will be in a frenzy. The freak parade will in tow. This will be the most heated contest ever. Unless the repubs find another Bob Dull to run. So who will rise to face the beast? Rudy Giuliani? John McCain?

Run Tammy Run!

My wife, Tammy will be down at the Outer Banks of North Carolina running in a half-marathon this weekend. She's done a half and a whole before but this time its about running with her sisters and friends. I've been "coaching" her competitveness and encouraging her to smoke her sisters and friends but I think she might hold back. You know how those gals are. It will an "Oprah experience" for them as they get pedicures & manicures, as they have their "pasta party" and, of course, as they hold hands crossing the finish line together. Who says that men and women aren't different? But I'm still pullling for my girl to take the crown: Go Tammy!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

He isn't resigning...wait...oh yes he is!

So Rumsfeld is out. I thought he wasn't going anywhere. Funny how things have changed in less than 24 hours. Mr. President, may I make a suggestion: How about Cheney too? It's time to start looking toward 2008. Right now there appears to be no one on the horizon to face the coming Clinton/Obama ticket. Say it isn't so!

Your New Speaker...

America has spoken and Nancy Pelosi will be the new Speaker of the House. Uh-oh... Look out Republicans... The investigations are about to begin. Maybe the Repubs will actually fight back. In some ways they were better as the minority party anyway.

From potential president to former Senator

Wow! It can happen fast. Months ago George Allen was being mentioned as a possible presidential candidate. He looks to be far from the Whitehouse now. They say its too close to call but it really does look like our new Senator will be Jim Webb. Maybe this will awaken some of the government expanding, big spending, debt building, fence straddling Republicans out there. I fear, however, that they just may just see a need to be more "moderate." We will see. I used to think that if the Republicans could gain control over the Congress and the Whitehouse we would see things straigthened out. Boy, was I dumb.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I get it already

Maybe I'm just watching too much TV these days. I watched the Pats/Colts games Sunday night and the CMA Awards last night. It's more than usual for me but nothing extreme. Here's my issue: I think I have seen/heard the new Chevy truck ad(s) approximately 5,ooo,ooo times! "This is our country..." I am now fully committed to NEVER owning a Chevy truck. And I'm not too excited about John Mellencamp either: "From the east coast...To the west coast..." How about little "Rain on the Scarecrow" instead!

It's Election Day...Finally

Finally it's here: Election Day is underway and I am relieved. I don't know how it is elsewhere but it has been nonstop here in Hampton Roads. Virginia is a hotbed for "contested" races this year. George Allen and Jim Webb have been in an absolute blood bath. One of the congressional races here has been ferocious too (Phil Kellam vs. Thelma Drake). I don't even vote in that district but I still have to suffer because of the advertising assault. Every other commercial on radio and television is a political ad. I'm so sick of it. At least now we can return to the normal advertising drivel and tripe that we've come to expect.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I hope he gets sick!

Jesse Duplantis is not a guy I look to for biblical guidance. The other night, however, I did listen to him for a few minutes. What's up we these word/faith guys? He's going on and on about how Christians aren't supposed to get sick! Does guy even have a Bible? If he does, he can't be reading it. What amazes me is that people actually think this guy is preaching the word. Amazing! I hope he gets sick... not fatally so... just sick enough that he can't preach. Or, better yet, maybe he could get sick during one of his sermons about not getting sick. That would be perfect. For more on Jesse check this out: http://www.discernment.org/wordfaith/jesse.htm

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Open Pandora's Box

I found this free streaming music site recently and it's really very cool. Basically you select and artist or a song and they build a music station that reflects that preference. I have several "stations" that I have set up. Pandora is pretty extensive and offers a real range of music types. Here are some of my stations: Elvis, P.O.D. , Harry Connick Jr., Hall & Oates, Third Day, Jim Reeves, Project 86, Mute Math, Michel Buble, Trace Adkins, Chris Isaak, Superchic(k) & more... It is a great way to discover new (or old) artists that sound like performers you already like. They've also added a new "Quickmix" feature so you can play all your stations together.

WARNING: Pandora doesn't seem to consider lyrical content when finding similar artists for your station(s). So a Christian group like Project 86 will generate similar style bands but the lyrics may be quite different.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I have a bad feeling...

Republican Senator George Allen and Democratic challenger Jim Webb "debated" last night. I've supported Allen for a long time based mainly on his stint as Governor here in Virginia many years ago. I was disappointed in George's performance last night. He seemed too scripted and too interested in dropping Hillary Clinton references whenever possible. Honestly, his campaign is highly negative - I keep getting stuff in the mail about how Webb opposed women in our military academies 27 years ago! It's getting old but I'll stay with George for now. I have a bad feeling, however, that many other Virginians will not...

Monday, October 09, 2006

"You can't have that in here"

Yesterday I struck up a conversation with a new face at church. He was a young casually dressed soldier from Montana. I usually ask new folks how they found us. His answer was a story like those I've read about. He said he started the morning at another church but ended up with us where he "felt comfortable." He said two guys at work told him about their churches. He went to fellow soldier #1's church first and entered the building with his cup of coffee. He said he was approached by a woman who didn't identify herself or even greet him. She simply said, "You can't have that in here" and walked away. He exited the building to put his coffee back in his car and then decided he should give fellow soldier #2's church a try instead. He also said everybody was really dressed up at the other place like it was a fashion show. So after the coffee incident he chose to give us a try. I'm glad he came and felt comfortable with us but I'm continuallly amazed at "church folks." If that lady ends up in heaven I hope her mansion is next to a Starbucks!

Bench Blesoe

I'm no Dallas Cowboys fan by any stretch. As a fan of the Redskins it is my duty to pull for any team that plays Dallas, but I'm reluctantly willing to offer the boys some advice: BENCH BLEDSOE! I rarely watch an entire football game but did watch about half of yesterday's Cowboys - Eagles game. Drew Bledsoe completely tanked and he's been looking like this for quite some time. I realize Tony Romo may improve Dallas' chances at winning even at the expense of my team's playoff hopes, but Washington isn't going anywhere this year anyway.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where is baptism?

So I get an email - The Christian Standard Online Newsletter. In it is an announcement about four new church plants. I love new churches so I pick the first one, Hope Community Church, and check out their website. I scan around and locate their "Beliefs." As I flip through the pages I come to "Salvation." I know I shouldn't have looked, but here is what it says:
We believe people are made in the image of God, to be like Him in character.People are the supreme object of God’s affection, and the pinnacle of His creation. Although every person has tremendous potential for good, all of us are marred by an attitude of disobedience toward God called “sin”. This “sin” separates people from God and is the root cause of many of the problems we face in life. The penalty for our sin is eternal separation from God. We believe that Jesus died to pay the penalty for our sin, and by this to give us eternal life. This salvation is a free gift by God's grace. (But this gift, although free, is not cheap— for it cost God the life of His own beloved son). A person is restored to a relationship with God, or, “saved”, only by faith in Jesus' finished work on the cross, and if this faith is real, it will produce repentance—which is a change of mind concerning sin and everything not pleasing to God—that results in a total change of actions and deeds. We believe that repentance is not optional, but necessary proof that one has true biblical faith.

Okay, so where is baptism? Unfortunately I'm not surprised. At least they didn't give some compromised innocuous double talk drivel about baptism that is so common on "our" websites these days. Here is a sample from another Stadia church plant in Ashveville, NC: Our faith journey begins when we give our lives to Jesus Christ, and we express our commitment and unity with Christ through baptism by immersion. I don't know which is worse - double talk or complete ommission. I hope this isn't typical of their church plants.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tennis Anyone?

I acted totally on impulse. Last Friday my wife and I joined a local indoor tennis club. We have time together on Friday mornings (my day off & the children are in school) so we visited the Centre Court Racquet Club here in town. By the time we left we had purchases two used racquets and joined for a year! My wife has never played and I'm not very good, but we decided it was time to learn. Lessons may be in our near future.

Monday, September 11, 2006

What goes around...

From "The New Republic" - "Then came Macaca-gate, a historically idiotic blunder in which, at a lily-white rally in southwest Virginia, Allen singled out a Webb campaign volunteer of Indian descent for ridicule, twice calling the young man "Macaca"--a term that, in certain Francophone countries (including Tunisia, from which Allen's mother hails), is a derogatory epithet for dark-skinned folk. Thanks to botched damage-control by Team Allen, the flub quickly became national news, the senator's poll numbers began sinking, and Virginians suddenly had themselves a real race. " OOPS! It seems like I remember Sen. Allen throwing Trent Lott under the bus when the Mississippi senator made his infamous comments at Strom Thurmond's birthday party. Well, George, like they say: What goes around comes around!

PS. I'm still voting for you!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Come on Andy!

Will this U.S. Open be the turning point for Andy Roddick? Will this be the watershed moment for the best American player in tennis? I certainly hope so. Roddick looked to be the man until Federer starting rountinely spanking him. Well things are changing... Andy has "Jimbo" Connors behind him now as his new coach and I think he is making a difference. Andy looks like he has some fire in his belly. I've always loved his game - the huge serve is the best part. And he does wear his hat straight which I like too. So, Come on Andy and win this thing!

Monday, September 04, 2006


Coach Bacote. He was my High school football coach back in the early eighties. I think of coach pretty much every Labor Day. I remember having football practice every year on this holiday. Someone would always ask "Coach, are we off on Labor Day?" Coach would ask: "What does labor mean, son?" We always practiced and we always had a cookout afterwards served by the cheerleaders. I'll write more about Coach Bacote later.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Can I get a T.O. from T.O.?

Timeout! Enough of the T.O. talk! Every time I turn on sports radio it's "T.O......blah, blah, blah!" I'm certainly not a fan, but I'm starting to feel a little sympathy for the dude. At least he's entertaining. The media is really perpetuating a lot of this junk. Sure he is a self-centered athlete like many others by the way. I can't believe I'm writing this (particularly since I can't stand Dallas) but can't we give this guy a break? There are plenty of other guys in sports who could use a little scrutiny. Hey "Dicky V" - Can I get a T.O. from T.O. baby?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back Pain!

My back pain is back. When my back gives me serious trouble it is a rough few (or several) days. I have degeration issues in my spine. I try to ignore it but occassionally I succumb to it. And it drags my whole quality of life and performance down. I'm not sure what brought this episode on. Maybe it was my b-ball game with our summer intern (I won 15-13). Maybe it was cutting grass (a good reason to forgo this activity). I think it was just cumulative. Muscle relaxers make me sick and my chiropractor just moved! Maybe I should watch the 700 Club today and see if Pat gets a word about my back!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tonja Rose

I was very pleasently surprised when Tonja Rose posted a comment here recently. Tonja & her husband Ward were an important part of a new church work here in Newport News over a decade ago. They eventually headed off to Nashville...Tonja is an exceptionally talented song writer, performer & singer. I'll always remember Tonja singing at my wedding. She was (and still is) so talented I knew I wanted her to sing. My late father used love whenever Tonja would sing a solo in church. Dad wasn't much on the "new music" back then but he always loved to hear Tonja sing regardless of the song. Her powerful voice and delivery would always captivate the crowd. Check out Tonja on mypace.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

"What time is it?"

We typically use a clock (or watch) to track our time. I searched the internet to find who invented the first clock. I was quite surprised to learn that it seems no one really knows. Maybe he or she ran out of time before they could share their invention! But, aren’t you glad somebody did invent the clock? Can you imagine life without a clock or your watch? While on vacation recently I misplaced my watch. Ever done that? Well, I know it’s fashionable not to wear your watch while on vacation, but I was very uncomfortable without mine! I kept asking, “Has anyone seen my watch?” and “What time is it?” Fortunately, my stomach has a built in clock so I never forgot to eat! Tick-tock, tick-tick, tick-tock…

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

They say it happens around 3

I had heard that boys want to hang out with their Dad more and more when they reach around three years old. Well, it's happening at our house and it is very cool. My boy, Preston, is getting extra tight with me right now. He wants to go with me when I leave. He always wants to ride in Daddy's car. (BTW it is a 91 Honda Civic without A/C!). He was pretty clingy with his Mom, but things are changing fast. "Boys are strong... Daddy has big muscles...Daddy's car is fast..." Right now he is Robin and I'm Batman. How long will this last? Probably when puberty hits! I'll enjoy it while I can. To the Batcave!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pawleys Island

My sister lives in the town of Pawleys Island, South Carolina. It is just down the coast from Myrtle Beach. We are palnning on heading down Sunday afternoon. It's a beautiful thing having family in some prime vacation spots. We also have family on the Outer Banks of N.C., in Connecticut and also in the NYC. I'm hoping to get a little rest, but I'm usually more beat after the vacation! My sister has two dogs and we are probably taking our new pup. Oh boy! I'll update when when I return (7/24).

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Diesel ("70 Chip")

There seems to be an absolute explosion in internet videos. YouTube is leading the charge along with many others. Well, I was wondering just how extensive the library for sports was. So, I searched for "John Riggins" and found two legendary runs by the "Diesel." It was awesome seeing those clips again. I'll never forget Riggo breaking off that touchdown run on 4th & one to win Superbowl XVII over the Dolphins. Most importantly that was also the day I became a Christian. My best memory period is forever attached to my favorite sports moment. January 30, 1983 ...That was a great day!

Because He's Jesus!

So I'm teaching some 3rd - 5th graders at VBS.... I'm telling them of a time when Jesus is being surrounded by a huge crowd. I ask "Why were so many people coming to see Jesus?" I'm expecting answers like "Because he would heal them" or "Because he did miracles" or "Because he would feed them." Then on one boy raises his hand and answers "Because he's Jesus!" It was done with one of those "duh, don't you get it" kind of expressions on his face. I loved it. I wonder what he was thinking. Here's his preacher asking a such a dumb question. Why were people coming to see Jesus"? Well, because he's Jesus!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why I'm Not a "Childrens Minister"

I volunteered many months ago to help with Vacation Bible School. I was drafted to teach a lesson one night. The one night was last night... no problem, right? Well, it has been a looooooong time since I was in a room full of 1st & 2nd graders. It was tough and I was sweating! (And I thought adults had short attention spans) By the way, what's up with these kids raising their hands repeatedly while virtually never knowing the answer? It was actually a good time and, yes, I'll probably do it again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

American Bulldog?

Could this be my next dog? My wife and I have been puppy shopping. She was raised with dogs and I wasn't but I like having one around. We currently have a male German Shepherd Dog. He is good with us and is a tremensous deterrent. My wife feels safe when I'm gone. We're thinking of going with an American Bulldog but weren't aren't sure. We are going to go female this time, but I think she will also be a good home protection animal. I've read so much that my head is on the edge of an explosion. Good...Bad...Good...Bad...etc. Who knows? There are at least two main lines in this breed. I think we are getting a "hybrid." Too much information - I know. We will make a decision on an AB pup today. Any name suggestions?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

It's time to blow out the unity candle...

The unity candle...who came up with it? It is ubiquitous these days. The unity candle was great many moons ago, but I think it is literally & figuratively burning out. It's time for a new symbolic act. Maybe the unity sandwich...the unity dance...the unity song...the unity ??? Maybe something very post-modern like letting bride and groom do a unity painting while we all watch. Somebody help please! I just know it's time to blow out the unity candle.

PS. I think God created a repeatable act to demonstrate our oneness. Of course, that's for after the ceremony!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Sure, I'm happy you're getting married, but...

I've officated quite a few weddings and I must ask: Is it just me or do weddings beat you? I refuse to believe I'm alone in this. Anyone see the Seinfeld bit on weddings? It was hilarious. "And it's on Saturday!" I'm literally minutes away from a wedding rehearsal (almost as fun as the real thing!) as I write this....ugh! I feel so scripted & constricted during wedding ceremonies and I just can't be my normal spontaneous, rambling self. Everybody is usually all tensed up too. It's a beautiful thing I know, but, in all honesty, I'm more comfortable doing funerals.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rush endorses the little blue pill?

Over a decade ago I discovered Rush Limbaugh. I became an avid "ditto head" and even sought out "Rush rooms" to dine in. I bought his books & the Limbaugh Letter too. I proudly drank Snapple and even smoked an occasional cigar. But I have to confess that I've grown weary of the Rush man. On and on he goes as a Bush apologist. Republicans good...Democrats bad - I get it already! And where is the humor? Where are the "feminazi trading cards" & "caller abortions?"I used to love the parodies, etc. Now the only thing funny is that Rush keeps getting caught in compromising positions. The "epitome of morality and virtue" - NOT!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Put some clothes on!

Mom's birthday (77th) is later this week. My sister was in town from Myrtle Beach so we all headed off to Golden Corral (Mom's not into fine dining) to eat & celebrate. We arrived and that's when it happened... A group of relatively large men emerged from a nearby SUV. I suspect that they had just returned from crabbing or maybe fishing or maybe yard work...but I digress! I was cool until a female joined their group clad only in a bikini top and cutoffs! I bounced my eyes just like the "Every Man's Battle" guys teach. In this case, however, my "eye bounce" was not needed to avoid lust. There are just some "outfits" that most people should never wear... know what I mean? I stood helplessly hoping someone would intervene and require this gal to cover up but no one did. I hoped that someone else in the group might intercede but again no one did. Maybe she had a enormously healthy self image or maybe she just didn't care. She entered the Corral unabashed, unhindered and mostly unclothed... Sometimes I just don't know what people are thinking!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Reflections on the N.A.C.C.

Well, the NACC is in my rear view mirror now, but the experience will not quickly pass. It was an action packed few days in L-ville. I went with out many expectations. All I really only knew for sure was that it would be a good time with my friend Soren and it was. We had a blast...we talked, we laughed and we got very little sleep, but hey... that's what make these things good times. The convention far exceeded my expectations. I had my right-wing guard up, but there was really very little in the way of liberal drivel. My favorite part was definitely the preaching: All of the guys brought it! Steve White especially inspired me with his admonition for us to "not go soft" on baptism. It was almost worthy of an invitation to Delmarva Family Camp! The funniest moment had to be when Jeff Walling gave his bible to Dave Stone as a heartfelt gesture of unity only to have Dave give him what appeared to be a Southeast pew bible! You had to be there, but the next day Rick Atchley (one of my personal favorites) busted Dave's chops about it. It was great. I also got to meet some of the guys from the CCToday discussion boards and NO ONE looked like I'd expected. I met a few othe bloggers and I also got to see some of the RM bigs wigs & megachurch personalities from afar. Mike knows everybody! I met many people and was surprised to see several others, like Gary Thompson who is the guy who led me to Christ back in 1983. It was truly a good time. I guess the inspiration carried over to Sunday because I was preaching with serious intensity resulting in some folks saying things like "we need to send to you away more often." One last thought - Mike and I went to the Louisville Slugger museum and it was very cool. I got in the batting cage with a bat made identical to the specs for Ted Williams' bats back in the day. It was a serious piece of lumber and I could barely catch up to the 40 mph fast balls! Ted was the man!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well, I heard that that N.A.C.C. (North American Christian Convention) was actually the N.A.L.C.C. ( North American LIBERAL Christian Convention). Thus far I it hasn't been too "liberal." It has been great. The preaching has been strong and I'm having great time with my brother and friend Mike (Soren) Kjergaard. I'll post in detail upon return to Virginia.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Off I Go

Well tomorrow I'll be off to the N.A.C.C. for the 1st time. I'm sure this will be a memorable experience. It will cool to be there with all of the RM royalty walking around: Russell, Stone, Lucado, Staton, Lawson, Idleman and many other "bigtimers" & "mainstreamers." I'm especially looking forward to the preaching. They have some heavy hitters lined up from both sides of the keyboard. I'm also looking forward to hanging with my friend Mike "Soren" Kjergaard as well as meeting some other brethren for the first time.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Amen Ann!

I've just started reading Ann Coulter's new book: Godless: The Church of Liberalism. Wow! Ann really let's it rip. She writes, "Everything liberals believe is in elegant opposition to basic Biblical precepts." She has proven her point quite well thus far. Every page is full of headshots & knockout punches to liberals. Her arguments are outstanding and her wit is extraordinary. If you are a "right wing religious extremest" like me, get the book.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I don't even know what it is, but I love asiago cheese especially on a bagel from Panera. A new Panera opened this morning right up the street from my house! This is great, yet it has bad implications for my waist line. I'm sure to gain weight, but it will be a joy. I first discovered Panera many years ago in Wichita. The first one arrived here about a year ago and it is packed all the time. Last night I was ridng by on my bike when I noticed a crowd inside their building. I stopped to inquire and got a free sandwich. It was a "practice" night for new employees, so everyone who stopped in got $10 worth of free food. Excellent!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I have some venting... I'm really tired of the following...
  • The "club mentality" that is so prevalent in the church.
  • "Churchianity" & "Christianiy Lite."
  • Biblical ignorance.
  • "Megachurch" wannabes.
  • Fencestraddlers, compromisers & the like.
  • People who don't give in order to "send a message."
  • Preachers who follow every detail of Rick Warren's playbook.
  • Faultfinders in general.
  • Those who elevate tradition over the Bible.
  • Those who come "to church" to punch the clock.
  • Majoring in minors.
  • Putting hope in politicians & parties to change our culture.
  • Keeping up with the Jones.
  • TV preachers in general. (The radio guys are even worse!)
  • Word of Faith charlatans.
  • People who think legalism & traditionalism are marks of biblical faithfullness.
  • LAST & LEAST: Fast food places that goof up my order seemingly every time!

Thanks letting me get that off of my chest.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The "king" singing for the KING OF KINGS

One of our members gave me "Elvis: Ultimate Gospel" this morning. I've been jamming to it all morning. My favorite is "Run On" (see lyrics below). We need more songs like this these days.

Well you may run on for a long time
Run on for a long time,Run on for a long time
Let me tell you God almighty gonna cut you down
Go tell that long tongued liar, oh well well
Go tell that midnight rider, oh well well
Tell the gambler, rambler, back-biter
Tell them God almighty gonna cut them down

Stop God almighty let me tell you the news
My head’s been wet with the midnight dews
Coming down on my bended knees
Talking to the man from galilee
My God spoke and he spoke so sweet
I thought I heard the shuffle of angel’s feet
He put one hand upon my head
Great God almighty let me tell you what he said

Go tell that long tongued liar, oh well well
Go tell that midnight rider, oh well well
Tell the gambler, rambler, back-biter
Tell them God almighty gonna cut them down
Run on for a long time,Run on for a long time,
Let me tell you God almighty gonna cut you down

You may throw your rock and hide your hand
Working in the dark against your fellow man
As sure as God made the day and the night
What you do in the dark will be brought to the light
You may run and hide, slip and slide
Trying to take the mote from your neighbour’s eyes
As sure as God made the rich and poor
You gonna reap just what you sow

Run on for a long time,Run on for a long time
Let me tell you God almighty gonna cut you down
Go tell that long tongued liar, oh well well
Go tell that midnight rider, oh well well
Tell the gambler, rambler, back-biter
Tell them God almighty gonna cut them down
Some people go to church just to sit in the fire
Trying to make a date with the neighbour’s wife
Brother let me tell you as sure as you’re born
You better leave that woman alone
Because one of these days mark my word
You think that brother is going to work
And you’ll sneak up and knock on that door
That’s all brother you’ll knock no moreItalic

Run on for a long time,Run on for a long time
Let me tell you God almighty gonna cut you down
Go tell that long tongued liar, oh well well
Go tell that midnight rider, oh well well
Tell the gambler, rambler, back-biter
Tell them God almighty gonna cut them down

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Well, it's official. I'm going to the North American Christian (aka. Denominational) Convention in fabulous Louisville, Kentucky. This is my first time. The best part is that I'll be hanging out with my friend & fellow worker Mike (Soren) Kjergaard. This ensures that it will be a very good time. I do wonder how this might taint my conservative credentials and hamper my acceptance within the right wing of our movement. One of my favorite preachers once said, "As far as I'm concerned they can write the last will and testament of the North American Christian Convention like they did the Springfield Prebytery a hundred years ago!"