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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back Pain!

My back pain is back. When my back gives me serious trouble it is a rough few (or several) days. I have degeration issues in my spine. I try to ignore it but occassionally I succumb to it. And it drags my whole quality of life and performance down. I'm not sure what brought this episode on. Maybe it was my b-ball game with our summer intern (I won 15-13). Maybe it was cutting grass (a good reason to forgo this activity). I think it was just cumulative. Muscle relaxers make me sick and my chiropractor just moved! Maybe I should watch the 700 Club today and see if Pat gets a word about my back!

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Soren said...

"Yes, just now there is a man in Newport News being healed from a degenerative back. Praise the Lord!"

Dr. Vincent Joseph is great. You should give him a call. Mrs. Woolery works for him. And he treats ministers for free.