I grew up when Diff'rent Strokes was a popular television show. That's no big deal unless your last name is Willis. To this day I still hear those famous words popularized by Arnold: "Whatchu talkin bout Willis?" Usually they are uttered by someone looking at me as though I may have never heard it before. Yeah, right! Well this blog is what I (Willis) am talkin bout...my thoughts, observations & opinions. Enjoy...

Monday, August 25, 2008


I visited with a church about an hour awau last night. Being with the Hanover Church of Christ was a very cool time for me. Here is what they about themselves on their website:

We are Hanover Church of Christ, a group of believers dedicated to the Lord’s church the Lord’s way. In the summer of 2005, after a year of praying, planning and careful consideration, about two dozen Christians began formally meeting at a private home two or more times per week for prayer and Bible study. Most of us live in the Mechanicsville, VA, area. Our vision is to have a congregation established that will reach people in an area north of Richmond, near Ashland, VA. We also intend to obtain a facility that will help us in our goal. The unfortunate fact is that many congregations are more interested in promoting their traditional practices rather than the traditions of Christ. There is a difference.
We met in a home which was very comfortable . Billy Dyer was in the house and I always enjoy talking with him. We fellowshipped with burgers & hotdogs. We sang praise & prayed. Su Nguyen (in the pic above) taught from the Scripture. And we shared together in the Lord's Supper. I love new churches. I love the frontline work in new churches. I love the excitement & enthusiasm. I'm excited for these brothers and sister as they look to move forward and take the next big step toward reaching the Ashland, VA area with the gospel.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Bare Necessities

One of the great movies from the old Disney. I loved watching Jungle Book with my children. This song is one of the best parts too. It's a simple message, but a good one nonetheless.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Your church might be apostate (or getting close) if...

I thought I'd have a little fun, so here goes.

Your church might be apostate (or getting close) if...
  • the "pastor-preacher-bishop-apostle-reverend" guy wears a robe or a double-breasted suit.
  • the "pastor-preacher-bishop-apostle-reverend" guy isn't a guy or it's not really clear.
  • the name of the church is named after some historic dude or if it includes words/phrases like: rhema, word of faith, fire, international, worldwide, house, center, ministries or incorporated.
  • there is reserved parking for the pastor & the "first lady."
  • the "pastor-preacher-bishop-apostle-reverend" uses the NLT, LB, the Message, RSV or NRSV as his/her primary "Bible."
  • most of the congregation is less than affluent while the pastor & co-pastor (aka. "first lady") park high end automobiles (Escalades, BMW's, etc.) in their reserved parking spots.
  • when you get sick it's because you lack "faith."
  • you hear lots of quotes from people named Kenneth, Gloria, Jesse, TD, Benny, Joyce or Rod.
  • you support TBN financially.
  • experience is more important than truth.
  • you're not sure about this "truth" stuff anyway.
  • you light a bunch of candles.
  • your "pastor-preacher-bishop-apostle-reverend" guy wears a lot of hawaiian shirts (& usually sports a goatee too).
  • Communion happens annually.
  • the "pastor-preacher-bishop-apostle-reverend" guy suggests you read books by Brian McLaren & Rob Bell.
  • the "pastor-preacher-bishop-apostle-reverend" guy is a metrosexual.
  • any of your elders are called "Mrs."
  • 1 Timothy 2:11-14 is understood as just "Paul's opinion."
  • "Bible studies" consist mainly of questions like "How do you think Moses felt?" or "What would you be thinking if you were Samuel?"
  • "Bible studies" are reading questions from a Max Lucado "Life Lessons" book and letting people share their answers (opinions).
  • a muslim imaan is invited to address the assembly.

OK, I'm done. There are more, but that's all I can ramble off for now!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dyer Thoughts

My buddy, Billy Dyer, is on the web with his new blog: Dyer Thoughts. Billy is a young brother who is strong in the Lord and His word. I encourage you to check him out.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pawleys Island

We are off to Pawleys Island, SC for some much needed "r & r." I'm ready to head down and kick back. We're hoping for nice weather too. A few years ago we went down and it rained every day. We're also going to try to do some bike riding down there. My wife and I rarely get to ride together because one of us has to watch the children. We're planning on getting up really early while everyone is asleep and heading out. My mom & sister will be there so the kids will be fine. I may update the blog while I'm there, but then again...

Monday, August 04, 2008


I recently went to three funerals in four days (Two I "officiated"). They were all for believers and that does make a difference for sure. Also, all them were very advanced in age and their deaths were somewhat expected. It's interesting to be at funerals and see the wide range of people...young and old - generations together. Some dressed up, pthers casual. Ecclesiastes 3:8a: "a time to weep and a time to laugh" always comes to mind. At funerals (memorials, celebrations of life, homegoings, et al.) you see people who haven't seen each other in years enjoying a laugh over a good memory while others weep in sadness at the loss as they too remember. These same people might switch roles moments later. Together: Tears & smiles, mourning & rejoicing, weeping & laughing...and somehow it just makes sense. Thank God.