I grew up when Diff'rent Strokes was a popular television show. That's no big deal unless your last name is Willis. To this day I still hear those famous words popularized by Arnold: "Whatchu talkin bout Willis?" Usually they are uttered by someone looking at me as though I may have never heard it before. Yeah, right! Well this blog is what I (Willis) am talkin bout...my thoughts, observations & opinions. Enjoy...

Saturday, March 31, 2007


The Final Four is on and I'm not watching. Okay, I watched a couple of minutes max, but I really don't care. This isn't an intentional boycott either. Is my testerone dropping or something? I'm just ambivalent about the whole event. Maybe this soccer stuff is messing me up. Oh well...

Friday, March 30, 2007


I grew up in the old days when we played football, basketball & baseball. Soccer, in my estimation back then, was the domain of those unable or unwilling to compete at real sports. I always liked tennis and appreciated track & field for sure. Swimming & wrestling seemed to be authentic sports to me too, BUT NOT SOCCER. Well, it had to happen...one of my children, my oldest girl, is now playing soccer! I went out and watched practice last night. I guess I'll have to grow with the times on this one. At least it's my daughter and not my son! Sorry, but I had to write that. It was cathartic for me. Here's to hoping my girl will bend it like Beckham!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Good Question

I discovered the "The Bible in 90 days" during my overly intense yet unfruitful pursuit of a new Bible. It's sounds really challenging --- reading the whole sacred text in just three months. It'll take about an hour per day. I was talking to my lovely wife excitedly about it and telling her how it was divided up so that you read 12 pages a day for 90 days and finish the whole book in remarkably fast time! She looked at me a asked "Why don't you just read the Bible you have now?" Hmmmm... Now that's a really good question! So, I think I'll forego the packaged plan and do just that.

Blogger Fatigue

Sometimes I just can't muster to energy to update this thing. I think of lots of good stuff to write, but I talk myself out of it. I think it's allergy season that it dragging me down. At least that's a good excuse. I'll be back.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

One Book

I have often wondered what book I would want every one in the church to read (assuming I could get that to happen). Imagine everyone here was open to the suggestion and would let me give them one book that they must read. I have some "must reads" I could choose from, but I think John Piper's "Don't Waste Your Life" would be my current favorite. My buddy Mike "Soren" Kjergaard sent it to me and when I finally got around to reading it I was shocked by how compelling it was. I've never read Piper but I now I'm eager to read more from him. I wish that every teen would read it...every college student...every retired person. It is challenging, I mean really challenging. Sure there are a few hints of Piper's calvinism and some undertones of reformed theology but not enough to keep me from highly recommending this book.

Piper: "If there is only one life to live in this world, and if it is not to be wasted, then nothing seemed more important to me than finding out what God really meant in the Bible, since he inspired men to write it."

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now I'm Really Confused

Recently, I started thinking about getting a new Bible. So, I took the opportunity to really think about which translation would be best. I've been an NIV guy basically my whole Christian life. It happened because it was the default translation in the church where I was converted. I resisted the NASB guys and their "most literal" talk while I was in college. I was never really attracted by the KJV. And frankly many of the newer translations (NLT, CEV, NCV, The Message & many more!) seem to fall short to me. I found myself really being drawn toward the ESV. It has so many endorsements by theological big boys, etc. and it sounds like the ideal Bible. Well I've read... and read the pros & cons ... and read some more. I even checked out the textual debate between Tim Warner & Jim Snapp. Now I really feel dumb and I'm just plain frustrated. NKJV? NASB? ESV? It's the NIV for me for now & Biblegateway of course.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Not Banned. What does that mean?

Recently readers of WTBW have noticed that Jon Weatherly, from Cincinnati Christian University has visited here. His arrival appears for the purpose of refuting any idea that Ed Bousman had been "banned" from speaking at CCU. He wrote, "Ed Bousman has never been banned from speaking in chapel at Cincinnati Christian University. I don't know how such rumors get started." Sounds good to me!

He also wrote, "I personally listen to Mr. Bousman's radio broadcast many Sundays, and I remember fondly his message at our chapel during an alumni event on our campus a few years ago." Hey, I listen occasionally too and I have an especially fond memory of one of his sermons when he held revival in the area years ago.

I thought of contacting brother Bousman, but figured that wouldn't be a good idea. After pondering this whole deal for a couple of days I thought I'd share these thoughts & questions.

Just how long ago did Bousman speak at CCU? What are a "few" years? Weatherly wrote, "the fact that someone or other isn't invited for awhile is a function of the limited supply, not of a conscious decision to exclude some." Has the limited supply really kept Ed from receiving another invite for "awhile?" I suspect there are innumerable people who wll never be invited to speak at CCU, yet they haven't been "banned" or "consciously excluded." But, the "the point is the same" to use Weatherly's words.

Consider this: I haven't been "banned" from the Whitehouse or from Meet the Press or from speaking at the NACC or from the CCU chapel for that matter. BUT I haven't been invited either. I don't invite a lot of guys to speak at the church where I serve. I don't actually "ban" them however. Again, the "point is the same."

Here is CCU's recent chapel speaker line up. Hmmm...

I don't know much about Dr. Weatherly but it is interesting that he finds it necessary to show up to clear up things regarding Bousman and CCU.

I have heard Ed Bousman many times and I even had him in for a revival back in the early 90's. I understand Ed's straightforward, no holds barred approach, inflammatory style. I'm fine if a church or school doesn't think his approach is desirable. That's okay. I haven't invited brother Bousman to speak again either, but I haven't "banned" him (just so no rumors get started!)

By the way... Dr. Weatherly has not been banned here. I actually want to hear him preach now. I think welcoming and hearing from all parts of our movement is desirable (usually). In 2 years we have hosted Bob Russell, Ray Bennett & Jack Cottrell. Now that's some interesting variety, If we had more money I'd like to hear from George Faull, Mark Moore, Johnnny Pressley, Mike Kjergaard, Rick Atchley, Wayne Smith & Jeff Walling just to name a few. They are offically not banned.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blueprint Tour

I'm off to the Blueprint Tour stop today here in Newport News. I'll be sitting at the feet of Jeff Walling and Johnny Pressley. Talk about a contrast in styles! I'm really looking forward it. Walling is a great communicator - funny, impactful, etc. Pressley was a professor of mine years ago. He's more low key but definitely bright and rock solid doctrinally. I'm especialy happy to get to see him again. Have a good one! (Apparently Pressley and Jon Weatherly are elders in the same congregation).

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Back in January I posted a satirical rant that was removed from the CCToday discussion forum. The writer ("Phinehas") was later banned from the forum. I thought the post was creative and entertaining and, yes, thought ptovoking in places. My 3 readers of this blog didn't post any comments and it fell back to page 2 status. Dr. Jon Weatherly from Cincinnati Christian University somehow found this post and has responded twice about it. For the sake of the curious reader I do not know Dr. Weatherly but do own a commentary he authored. His affiliation with C.C.U. would leave me positivley inclined toward his scholarship and opinion.

The anonymous "Phinehas" wrote, "And so upon you will come all the guilt of the righteous reputations you have ruined, from the life of righteous Walter Scott to the reputation of righteous Ed Bousman of Lynchburg, Ohio, whom you will no longer allow to preach at chapel at Cincinnati Christian University."

Dr. Weatherly assures me that "no one at CCU has ever said that Mr. Bousman isn't allowed to speak in chapel. There are a limited number of chapel slots, and the fact that someone or other isn't invited for awhile is a function of the limited supply, not of a conscious decision to exclude some. Again, I don't know how these rumors get started. I just wish that people didn't take them seriously. "

I will accept Dr. weatherly's remarks at face value. Let me apologize if my posting the aforementioned words have caused any harm to the reputation of C.C.U. Hopefully none of my 3 or 4 readers have taken up a negative dispostion toward C.C.U. as a result. We recently hosted a C.C.U. professor, Dr. Jack Cottrell, for a speaking engagement and tomorrow I'll be spending some time with another C.C.U. professor, Dr. Johnny Pressley. Both of these men are champions of New Testament Christianity in my opinion.

So, let me close with this: I eagerly await brother Bousman's return to the C.C.U. chapel. He's a one of a kind and I know the students would appraciate him.

PS. It's obvious the Dr. Weatherly has a good sense of humor from this video. What's up Dr. Weatherly?

Who's Reading?

I've been stunned by some of the visitors/readers around here in the last couple of months. I guess you just never know who may stop in. Victor Knowles of P.O.E.M. and Jon Weatherly of C.C.U. are two recent notables. Brother Knowles came this way via a discussion forum at CCToday. Dr. Weatherly came by, just yesterday, and commented on a post from the end of January regarding C.C.U. and Ed Bousman. This post was a satirical rant by anynomous writer on a CCToday discussion forum that I'd captured just before it was deleted. I doubt either men are regulars here, but it was a nice surprise to know they were here. I'd like to note that I've been blessed by the work of both of these men. I really appreciated brother Knowles' biography of the late Archie Word. And Dr. Weatherly's commentary on 1 & 2 Thessalonians was particularly valuable to a study I participated in a year or so back. It's always good, however infrequent they may be, to have guests here. We are open 24/7 around here so tell your friends. I wonder who else out there is reading...
Check out the pic of a rather young Ed Bousman...