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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Not Banned. What does that mean?

Recently readers of WTBW have noticed that Jon Weatherly, from Cincinnati Christian University has visited here. His arrival appears for the purpose of refuting any idea that Ed Bousman had been "banned" from speaking at CCU. He wrote, "Ed Bousman has never been banned from speaking in chapel at Cincinnati Christian University. I don't know how such rumors get started." Sounds good to me!

He also wrote, "I personally listen to Mr. Bousman's radio broadcast many Sundays, and I remember fondly his message at our chapel during an alumni event on our campus a few years ago." Hey, I listen occasionally too and I have an especially fond memory of one of his sermons when he held revival in the area years ago.

I thought of contacting brother Bousman, but figured that wouldn't be a good idea. After pondering this whole deal for a couple of days I thought I'd share these thoughts & questions.

Just how long ago did Bousman speak at CCU? What are a "few" years? Weatherly wrote, "the fact that someone or other isn't invited for awhile is a function of the limited supply, not of a conscious decision to exclude some." Has the limited supply really kept Ed from receiving another invite for "awhile?" I suspect there are innumerable people who wll never be invited to speak at CCU, yet they haven't been "banned" or "consciously excluded." But, the "the point is the same" to use Weatherly's words.

Consider this: I haven't been "banned" from the Whitehouse or from Meet the Press or from speaking at the NACC or from the CCU chapel for that matter. BUT I haven't been invited either. I don't invite a lot of guys to speak at the church where I serve. I don't actually "ban" them however. Again, the "point is the same."

Here is CCU's recent chapel speaker line up. Hmmm...

I don't know much about Dr. Weatherly but it is interesting that he finds it necessary to show up to clear up things regarding Bousman and CCU.

I have heard Ed Bousman many times and I even had him in for a revival back in the early 90's. I understand Ed's straightforward, no holds barred approach, inflammatory style. I'm fine if a church or school doesn't think his approach is desirable. That's okay. I haven't invited brother Bousman to speak again either, but I haven't "banned" him (just so no rumors get started!)

By the way... Dr. Weatherly has not been banned here. I actually want to hear him preach now. I think welcoming and hearing from all parts of our movement is desirable (usually). In 2 years we have hosted Bob Russell, Ray Bennett & Jack Cottrell. Now that's some interesting variety, If we had more money I'd like to hear from George Faull, Mark Moore, Johnnny Pressley, Mike Kjergaard, Rick Atchley, Wayne Smith & Jeff Walling just to name a few. They are offically not banned.


Badger said...

Hey, I'm not on your "not banned" list: I'm offended. Does that mean that I'm banned?

Then again, you're in good company, I've not spoken at CCU's chapel either.

I get no respect. 8-)

And to think that I was about to put you on our "not banned" list.


David H. Willis said...


If you are ever in the Newport News area you have an offical invitation to speak here. You are not "not banned"...you are invited!

Badger said...

Shouldn't have said that, I will be there in two weeks (going to the OBX for vacation)! However, I will be vacating, not preaching. Good save, though, I'll put you on my "not banned" list after all! Wish I could work it out to be there on Sunday to hear you preach.

Gman said...

Man, one of the last places I spoke now closed. What does that say? Poor Eastern Christian College. Missed ya @ Gospel Rally. Walling was really good.

David H. Willis said...


Thanks for stopping in. I didn't make it to the Rally. I was too busy being a dancing cow in a program at my daughter's school. Fatherhood has definitely made me do things I normally wouldn't do. Walling always rocks.