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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Back in January I posted a satirical rant that was removed from the CCToday discussion forum. The writer ("Phinehas") was later banned from the forum. I thought the post was creative and entertaining and, yes, thought ptovoking in places. My 3 readers of this blog didn't post any comments and it fell back to page 2 status. Dr. Jon Weatherly from Cincinnati Christian University somehow found this post and has responded twice about it. For the sake of the curious reader I do not know Dr. Weatherly but do own a commentary he authored. His affiliation with C.C.U. would leave me positivley inclined toward his scholarship and opinion.

The anonymous "Phinehas" wrote, "And so upon you will come all the guilt of the righteous reputations you have ruined, from the life of righteous Walter Scott to the reputation of righteous Ed Bousman of Lynchburg, Ohio, whom you will no longer allow to preach at chapel at Cincinnati Christian University."

Dr. Weatherly assures me that "no one at CCU has ever said that Mr. Bousman isn't allowed to speak in chapel. There are a limited number of chapel slots, and the fact that someone or other isn't invited for awhile is a function of the limited supply, not of a conscious decision to exclude some. Again, I don't know how these rumors get started. I just wish that people didn't take them seriously. "

I will accept Dr. weatherly's remarks at face value. Let me apologize if my posting the aforementioned words have caused any harm to the reputation of C.C.U. Hopefully none of my 3 or 4 readers have taken up a negative dispostion toward C.C.U. as a result. We recently hosted a C.C.U. professor, Dr. Jack Cottrell, for a speaking engagement and tomorrow I'll be spending some time with another C.C.U. professor, Dr. Johnny Pressley. Both of these men are champions of New Testament Christianity in my opinion.

So, let me close with this: I eagerly await brother Bousman's return to the C.C.U. chapel. He's a one of a kind and I know the students would appraciate him.

PS. It's obvious the Dr. Weatherly has a good sense of humor from this video. What's up Dr. Weatherly?


Badger said...

Ah, so YOU were the notorious Phineas... I've always wondered. Thought he was kind of a jerk when he first appeared, but I quickly came to appreciate him.

Then again, I'm sure that you thought the same about me (and I hope that you've now come to appreciate me!). I always appreciated the wit of Phineas, and the clever name (you've not speared anyone lately, have you?). Didn't know that Phineas was banned, though. That must have been in an earlier day, you can do about ANYTHING on there now and not get banned!

Well, that's one mystery I can cross off my list: I'm enjoying your blog. You can now say that your readership list is up to 5 people... I even have you in my google reader list and blogroll!

David H. Willis said...

Thanks bro., but I'm NOT the man. Phin was way to creative to be me. I just cut and pasted his rant. Then later I saw it disappeared as did Phin. I'll see you around CCT sometime and you are quite the blogger yourself.

Badger said...

Aw, shucks, I was glad to have finally solved that mystery.

I definitely grew to love Phineas, very smart, great satire, good doctrine, great way to make a point.

Didn't know he was banned though, can't imagine why compared to some of the other stuff on there. Hope it wasn't an editorial thing.

Badger said...

You said, "Back in January I posted a satirical rant that was removed from the CCToday discussion forum."

Sorry about the confusion, have a great trip, sounds exciting!

Soren said...

The video was hilarious! Who says that theology professors are dull?