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Friday, March 30, 2007


I grew up in the old days when we played football, basketball & baseball. Soccer, in my estimation back then, was the domain of those unable or unwilling to compete at real sports. I always liked tennis and appreciated track & field for sure. Swimming & wrestling seemed to be authentic sports to me too, BUT NOT SOCCER. Well, it had to happen...one of my children, my oldest girl, is now playing soccer! I went out and watched practice last night. I guess I'll have to grow with the times on this one. At least it's my daughter and not my son! Sorry, but I had to write that. It was cathartic for me. Here's to hoping my girl will bend it like Beckham!


Soren said...

Being a guy who ran Cross Country (and therefore was mocked by the football players -- until we all had to run two miles in gym class), I guess I can't pick on soccer too much (but I do have similar sentiments). All that running can't be easy, but soccer is rather boring to watch (it's like hockey, but without the fights).

Keith Wood said...

I thought the only thing the soccer team was good for was a place to find a kicker for the football team. :)

(That was tongue-in-cheek for any soccer enthusiasts who might want to hurt me now.)

Hey with as much as Beckham just signed to play for LA for, you might really want to encourage your kids to follow this soccer passion.

David H. Willis said...

"I thought the only thing the soccer team was good for was a place to find a kicker for the football team."