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Monday, August 25, 2008


I visited with a church about an hour awau last night. Being with the Hanover Church of Christ was a very cool time for me. Here is what they about themselves on their website:

We are Hanover Church of Christ, a group of believers dedicated to the Lord’s church the Lord’s way. In the summer of 2005, after a year of praying, planning and careful consideration, about two dozen Christians began formally meeting at a private home two or more times per week for prayer and Bible study. Most of us live in the Mechanicsville, VA, area. Our vision is to have a congregation established that will reach people in an area north of Richmond, near Ashland, VA. We also intend to obtain a facility that will help us in our goal. The unfortunate fact is that many congregations are more interested in promoting their traditional practices rather than the traditions of Christ. There is a difference.
We met in a home which was very comfortable . Billy Dyer was in the house and I always enjoy talking with him. We fellowshipped with burgers & hotdogs. We sang praise & prayed. Su Nguyen (in the pic above) taught from the Scripture. And we shared together in the Lord's Supper. I love new churches. I love the frontline work in new churches. I love the excitement & enthusiasm. I'm excited for these brothers and sister as they look to move forward and take the next big step toward reaching the Ashland, VA area with the gospel.


Levi said...

Su is a good brother. I didn't know they where trying to plant a church up that way. I'll be praying!

Keith Wood said...

I love the folks at Hanover. Good group of disciples up there. Billy preached in chapel here at RBC recently and did a good job.