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Saturday, July 08, 2006

It's time to blow out the unity candle...

The unity candle...who came up with it? It is ubiquitous these days. The unity candle was great many moons ago, but I think it is literally & figuratively burning out. It's time for a new symbolic act. Maybe the unity sandwich...the unity dance...the unity song...the unity ??? Maybe something very post-modern like letting bride and groom do a unity painting while we all watch. Somebody help please! I just know it's time to blow out the unity candle.

PS. I think God created a repeatable act to demonstrate our oneness. Of course, that's for after the ceremony!

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Soren said...

The candle isn't so bad, it's the awkward time afterwards (usually someone is singing) when the bride & groom just stand there gazing into each other's eyes.

How 'bout the "Unity Lord's Supper"? (availiable only for the bride and groom). People want do something "spiritual" at their wedding. "The Lord's Supper was never intended to be prosituted that way." G.F.