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Monday, July 03, 2006

Reflections on the N.A.C.C.

Well, the NACC is in my rear view mirror now, but the experience will not quickly pass. It was an action packed few days in L-ville. I went with out many expectations. All I really only knew for sure was that it would be a good time with my friend Soren and it was. We had a blast...we talked, we laughed and we got very little sleep, but hey... that's what make these things good times. The convention far exceeded my expectations. I had my right-wing guard up, but there was really very little in the way of liberal drivel. My favorite part was definitely the preaching: All of the guys brought it! Steve White especially inspired me with his admonition for us to "not go soft" on baptism. It was almost worthy of an invitation to Delmarva Family Camp! The funniest moment had to be when Jeff Walling gave his bible to Dave Stone as a heartfelt gesture of unity only to have Dave give him what appeared to be a Southeast pew bible! You had to be there, but the next day Rick Atchley (one of my personal favorites) busted Dave's chops about it. It was great. I also got to meet some of the guys from the CCToday discussion boards and NO ONE looked like I'd expected. I met a few othe bloggers and I also got to see some of the RM bigs wigs & megachurch personalities from afar. Mike knows everybody! I met many people and was surprised to see several others, like Gary Thompson who is the guy who led me to Christ back in 1983. It was truly a good time. I guess the inspiration carried over to Sunday because I was preaching with serious intensity resulting in some folks saying things like "we need to send to you away more often." One last thought - Mike and I went to the Louisville Slugger museum and it was very cool. I got in the batting cage with a bat made identical to the specs for Ted Williams' bats back in the day. It was a serious piece of lumber and I could barely catch up to the 40 mph fast balls! Ted was the man!


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I think your blog is quite good. Carries a lot of perosnality!
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JD said...

Enjoyed meeting you at NACC! God bless you!