I grew up when Diff'rent Strokes was a popular television show. That's no big deal unless your last name is Willis. To this day I still hear those famous words popularized by Arnold: "Whatchu talkin bout Willis?" Usually they are uttered by someone looking at me as though I may have never heard it before. Yeah, right! Well this blog is what I (Willis) am talkin bout...my thoughts, observations & opinions. Enjoy...

Monday, December 18, 2006


Carmelo Anthony sures knows how to throw a sucker punch. Did you notice how he backed up. Gutless. He looked like DB Champ Bailey backing up in prevent coverage. I say it's time for a new nickame for "Melo." I'd like to suggest the more appropriate "Yello." It still rhymes and, more importantly, it better defines Mr. Anthony. The NBA has suspended "Yello" for 15 games. Maybe he can get a gig in the WNBA.

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