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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Zorn & Campbell

While the political furor is still raging, let me see if I can fire up the sports fans a little. I'm a lifelong Washington Redskins fan. Admittedly, I'm less interested in football than ever these days. Honestly, does it really matter? But I did watch the first game this year. Here are my conclusions:

Jim Zorn. He might be "one and done." Dude was going to be offensve coordinator then became head coach. Huh? I don't know about this. I did like Zorn the player - winging all those left handed passes to Steve Largent. He looked a little lost the other night and had no clock management. He could save his job but only if he takes a huge step: Bench Campbell.

Jason Campbell. Seems like a nice guy, but do we really no much about athletes? So much is image, but he's likeable. That said, he needs to sit. Why? Well Jason has his apologists - He's in his seventh different offense....He's had alll these different coordinators...He has upside...He needs time to become comfrotable...He has a strong arm & is mobile too...etc. What difference does his offensive scheme from last year or at LSU have to with anything really? I don't hear anyone saying that on behalf of Alex Smith. How did Brett Favre & Chad Pennington do it this year with so little time? C'mon! Excuses, excuses. I think Todd Collins is the man for now until Colt Brennan is ready. Colt may be ready to go right now. Colt is the future (IMHO).

Colt Brennan. From the folks at Wiki...

  • Some of Brennan's achievements include:
    NCAA record for most career touchdown passes (131). Achieved November 23, 2007.
    NCAA record for most career touchdowns responsible for (146). Achieved November 23, 2007.
    NCAA record for most 400 yard games (20). Achieved in 2007.
    Tied NCAA record for most career touchdown passes by a quarterback-receiver combination (39 to Davone Bess). Achieved November 23, 2007.
    NCAA single-season record for most touchdown passes, achieved in 2006 (58)
    NCAA two-season record for most touchdown passes, (96 -- achieved 2006-2007)
    NCAA record for passing efficiency (season), posting a 186.0 mark in 2006
    NCAA record for most points responsible for (season) with 385. (2006)
    NCAA record for highest pass completion percentage (70.4%).
    Third all-time in total passing yards with 14,193 behind Ty Detmer and Timmy Chang.


Tony "T-Something-Loc" Wolf said...

I don't know Dave, I hear Todd Collins is a ultra-liberal democrat. How are you my friend? It's been a long time since the "Waffle Hut" days. Hope all is well with you and your fam. What's up with McCants? He just bolted to New Bern - I didn't see that coming. We may be leaving Nashville soon. Dick Clark is luring me up to Indy to play "Kick It Out" every Sunday. Bro, my wife and I are faithful WTBW readers and will continue to be obviously. Willis/Wolf 2012 does have a good ring. "Ork" and "T-Loc" may not be able to shake up DC, but we could probably take Elizabeth City! Take care bro!

David H. Willis said...


It's great to have you here bro. Your old bud Larry is quite the political activist these days. It's funny how many people you reconnect with via the internet. I do fondly remember the "waffle Hut" days. Right now I'm singing "word - recipe for unity - the word." Peace

William Mckinley Dyer said...

I have been saying bench Campbell since last year when he went out and Collin tore it up. Its not that he doesnt have skill b/c he does its just he looks more uncomfortable than a homo-phobe in San Fransico

David H. Willis said...

"more uncomfortable than a homo-phobe in San Fransico"

Now rhat's funny

Keith Wood said...

I agree, Colt is the new pony that the Skins need to ride on (even though I am not even a Skins fan.)

And Dyer - you had me rotfl!

William Mckinley Dyer said...

i figured u boys would get a kick outta that