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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Response to Laura...


Let me respond to your recent comments here at WBTW?
(You = italicized. Me = bold)

I must respectfully, but adamantly disagree. When it became clear that John McCain was going to be the Rep. party nominee I, too, was concerned. I had questions about his stands on certain moral issues. Since watching his interview with Rick Warren (I'm assuming you did as well.) and his choice in choosing a very conservative VP, l have felt better about backing him.

Not me. I love Palin, but what exact difference will that make to McCain’s policies? I’d vote for her, but she’s not the presidential nominee.

However, even if some of those issues weren't clarified, I still would have had a choice to make. Obama or McCain, period.

This exactly what the GOP is hoping for, but I for one will not be carrying water for the Republicans this year. This “lesser of two evil” jive does more to whip the sheeple into line than any other argument I know. Voting on principal (& not the lesser of 2 evils principle) is never a waste. The people I think are "most over the top" in this debate are those who try to browbeat those of us who won't support McCain. My vote is all mine and I can use it however I please whether people think I'm being "irresponsible" or not. I'm just getting a little tired of reactionary characterizations offered by the "any republican will do" crowd. You'd think Jesus was a republican & his kingdom was of this world! SO, what would you have done if McCain went with Lieberman instead of Palin? Let me guess – still vote for McCain because otherwise you’d be voting for Obama.

As much as some people would like Ron Paul to be president and feel he is *perfect* for the job..he is NOT going to win. I think Tony Wolf would make a great president, but I am not going to waste a vote on him because he is NOT going to win.

I do like Dr. Paul a lot. Whether you do or don’t is of no consequence to me. But, let's agree on this: I wouldn't vote for Tony either. He’s funny, talented & entertaining, but not presidential (IMHO). Although a Green Eggs & Ham rap would be cool at the inauguration!

Not voting at all is not only incredibly irresponsible, but it is a vote for the *obviously WRONG* candidate! It is like these "christians" who choose to waste the time God has given them on pointless activities such as boycotting things and holding gatherings at people's funerals to show how God is against them. Those things accomplish one purpose and one purpose only...to turn people off to christianity. It is offensive to me, so imagine how it is viewed by the unbeliever.

Who’s advocating not voting or boycotts or gatherings at funerals? I think that’s one of them there “straw man” arguments. I think it’s up to the individual to vote or not. I always do, but I respect brothers & sisters who believe that the kingdoms of the world are not their concern and refrain from voting.

We, as the American people, have a responsibility to our country right now, today. We have a choice to make. Saying that it would be better for McCain to lose and Obama to win just so Sarah Palin will have a chance in 2012 is beyond irresponsible. Let's give the completely wrong, immoral guy complete control of our country just so Sarah has a chance in a couple of years. Do you know the irreparable harm that could be done to our country during those four years?!

Right, Chicken Little the sky is falling. C’mon. The GOP told us Clinton would be the end of the world. And, oh, what about the Supreme Court? You might note that 7 of the current justices are GOP appointments and Roe is still the law of the land and infanticide has continued throughout all the GOP administrations since. Also, Clinton's vitcory gave us the Republican Revolution of the 90’s. Sadly, the republicans have squandered their opportunities.

Surely you did not mean what you wrote. I kept rereading it hoping I was taking your words out of context, but I believe that is what you meant.

Rereading? Try reading the first 3 words: “by Chuck Baldwin”. For the record: I’m Willis not Baldwin. Maybe you should write him.

You live in a key state...

I do and I admit it’s nice to have a little attention this time around.
Assuming you know what that means, no vote is like a vote in support for Obama. You have to choose. There will never be a perfect candidate. Remember that part where God says no man is perfect. You have to make the best choice.

So “respectfully” disagreeing comes to an end. And be careful about assuming.

Voting for someone who is not going to win, and therefore taking valuable votes away from the *better* choice is a vote FOR Obama. Not voting at all is even worse. It is showing that you frankly don't care what happens to our country. Which again would be a vote for Obama.

This is the standard “wasted vote” jive that we hear every time the GOP puts up a lame candidate. See Bob Dull & Bob Dull #2 (John McCain). So republicans in Washington DC are wasting their votes since DC goes democrat 100% of the time? Isn't that the point? If your candidate can't win then voting for him/her is a wasted vote, right? Nonsense IMHO. I guess you can continue to support the GOP and expect different results. From Reagan we have continued down a path and McCain is the worst yet. We beat up Clinton for his enormous budgets then GWB expanded government much further. I, for one, think continually voting for the lesser of 2 evils is the real waste.

I am surprised that a minister of the gospel would not only be trying to cause descention (sic) between his readers and some of our country's greatest (and most respected) religious leaders, but that you could be the cause of many in your church choosing to vote for Paul or worse, not vote at all. You have been put in a place of authority by God, and therefore need to watch your words very carefully.

Huh? This must an attempt at hyperbole. Frankly, you sound like you’ve just had a double shot of the GOP Kool-Aid. I think too many religious folks are mind numb robots who walk in lockstep with Karl Rove, are afraid to watch anything but FOX and only listen to Rush or Hannity. This is the problem with the Christian Right – they are unequally yoked up with the GOP. The GOP is changing in case you haven’t noticed. This isn’t the party of Reagan anymore. Yet, I almost always vote GOP (locally & statewide) and have never voted for a democrat, but let’s not confuse politics with the church. There is no 67th book of the Bible called “Republicans.”

Please spare me the sarcasm, start taking your responsibility as an American seriously and quit writing things that will turn non-believers off to christianity. Implying "it is over" is a quiter's verbage (sic).

Is this addressed to Billy’s response to the original post? Actually you could have "spared us" too. If your test is purely turning people on or off to Christianity then you’re in trouble because apparently many people feel that the “Christian Right” turns people off to Christianity too.

respectfully, Laura Wolf...a Christ follower and a McCain supporter (in case you didn't catch that)

Willis…a Christian, an independent thinker, a “right wing extremist” and not a McCain supporter.

PS. I am a political conservative (some might say "extremist") but less and less these days do I define myself as a Republican. The G.O.P. is old but not not so grand in my estimation. Soon social/religious conservatives (whatever they call us these days) may have a most difficult choice to make: compromise and support the new direction of the Republican party OR say goodbye and let the country club attending, big spending, pro-abortion, government expanding, foreign nation building, illegal immigration tolerating, neo-con types go it without us. I'm leaning toward the latter. I've frequently seen the "mainstream" & "moderate" elements of the party both locally and statewide all to willing to switch their allegiance when a real conservative gets nominated. So I say, "What's good for the goose..."


Laura Wolf said...

Imagine my surprise when I decided to check your blog and saw my face smiling back at me. (;

Let me start by saying I was probably a little too harsh this morning in a few areas. From everything Tony tells me you are an incredibly intelligent and fair man. It says a lot about you knowing Tony has that type of respect for you.

Having said that (you had to know I was going to reply to a post about myself)....

What would happen if all Christians took your stance? The government would be in the hands of the democrats...always and forever more. Why do I have a problem with this?

#1. I don't want us to disassemble all of our nuclear weapons. Check what Obama's plans are in regard to this.

#2. I think Americans should be able to have guns in their possession. Again, check the stances of the two nominees.

#3. I don't want my daughter learning sex ed. in Kindergarten, or really in any grade from the public school system. That is our job to teach her.

#4. I am against tax hikes, not drilling for oil, protecting animals (and I love animals) and trees before protecting humans. I am against abortion and homosexual marriage. I am for War (if necessary). War is a biblical concept. It is ordained by God. Most of the men of God in the bible went to war.

It is true that Roe is still the law of the land. I am not naive enough to believe that McCain will change that. But, does that mean we should make it easier and easier for supporters of abortion by electing someone who does support it whole-heartedly?

I am not a die hard republican. I never have been. I like a lot of what Paul has to say. I think he is a little radical at times. If I felt like the better candidate, the one more in line with my views and personal beliefs, was a democrat then I would be voting for him or her on election day.

Thank you for your response. I will continue to read your blog. Tony and I watch your Bush video about once a week. Again, my apologies if I got a tiny but carried away in my initial comments.

You're right. Tony would be the wrong guy for the oval office...but how about Willis/Wolf?

Badger said...

Dude, I love you like a brother and generally agree with everything I read from you: I've always clicked with you from the first time we chatted on the Christian Church forum and I would love to be your associate.

But I'm voting for whoever stands the best chance of beating Obama, unless the GOP puts up the Dark Lord Satan with Hilary as the VP. Obama seriously gives me the creeps and I worry about our country and our future if he is president: more taxes is not going to help our economy, nor is a terrorist attack.

I'm not a big fan of the GOP either, and not very excited about McCain (was hoping Huckabee would take it). I don't think that Christians are beholden to the GOP, nor do I think they represent us very well.

Still, I'm going to do all I can to try to keep Obama from being elected, which pretty much means voting for McCain.

I respect your opinions, and you are right in a lot of your assessments about the GOP, but withholding a vote from the GOP (and implicitly giving one to the Dems) as some sort of way to protest the GOP doesn't seem to make sense. I know it's cliche, but not only is Obama the greater of two evils, he's a VERY scary prospect for president.

With all due respect (and you know I mean that, brother!)

Larry said...

Dave--hey bud. I havent visited your blog in a while so I thought Id tune in and catch up. All I can say to this recent post is "wow"--lol. Im not trying to get involved in the pissing contest here but all I can say to you personally is although I dont completely follow you 100%--it is a close 95%. I dont even know where to begin in offering my two cents here--maybe I shouldnt at all, but since it will eat at me if I dont, I guess I should.

This country will start to get better when we as Americans will understand that the Republican party we have today are NOT Republicans, they are Neo-conservatives, meaning they are a bunch of warmongers and chickenhawks (incase you havent heard the term chickenhawk, it is when you trump for war but you were too chicken to serve yourself).

Now McCain DID serve, and you can call me a radical all you want for saying what Im about to say but keep in mind that this is shared with MANY of the veterans who served with McCain and know the REAL story of McCain's "torture" experience.

Quite simply, he wasnt tortured at all. He gave the North Vietnamese all the information he wanted to AVOID torture and he was even called "Songbird" McCain by his fellow servicemen---all FACT. He made 30+ (I think it was 34) propaganda videos which showed him laying in the bed (with the appearance that he had been tortured). Like I said, this was all propaganda to make the American people more infuriated with the North Vietnamese so we (the country) would support the war, because as you know, the Vietnam war was just as unpopular (even more so) than the Iraq war and people hated LBJ.

Even Martin Luther King, Jr was highly critical of LBJ and this is one of the main reasons that the government had King killed. (think Im nuts? Even King's own family doesnt believe James Earl Ray killed him). King had a HUGE following and a profound influence on politics and the war.

Did you see the Bush speech at the convention? As much as I cant stand listening to him talk, because he is by far the stupidest president this county has ever had (as well as the worst), I had to hear what crap he was shovelling. He said in the speech about McCain "....and after 5 1/2 years, his arms were broken, but not his spirit". Pure, 100% CRAP. McCain HIMSELF gave an interview in 1973 to US News and World report and he said--HE said (his OWN words) that he broke his arms during the ejection from his aircraft---before he even hit the water! Before even being captured! Dont you think it's funny that there were photos of that capture? Who would have been standing there with a camera?

I know you think Im a wacky conspiracy theorist, but I try with all my might to get my facts straight and from reliable sources. This is why ZERO of the information I accept is from the corporate controlled media. I try not to even watch the news---it's all crap.

I havent always been against McCain. Just 8 short years ago when he ran for President, he was even a different person---in other words, a REAL Republican. George W. Bush smeared him to get elected and now they are best buddies.

Have you ever seen videos of McCain back in 1993 and 1994 before Congress asking them to withdrawl troops from Samalia and Haiti? McCain sounded like Ron Paul (when he was a REAL Republican). McCain told Congress we shouldnt "police the world" and "nation build". Hmmmmmm, now where have I heard that recently? From Dr. Paul at the debates? Think Im nuts? YouTube it! Type in "John McCain 1993" or "John McCain 1994" and it should take you there.

McCain was angry at Clinton for sending troops to Samalia and Haiti and demanded that the troops be brought home immediately. Do you know how many troops we lost in BOTH wars combined? 47. When we lost 47, McCain was angry and wanted troops home. Now we have lost over 4,000, and McCain is not only FOR the war, but said we should be in Iraq another 100 years! Tim Russert even asked McCain about the 1993 and 1994 Congress hearings when he wanted the troops home from Samalia and Haiti, and do you know what McCain said to him? "Well, if you want to compare Samalia with Iraq, go ahead"----unbelievable!

Yeah, McCain, I wont compare the two, because they are incomparable. We have lost 100 times more troops in Iraq than Clinton's wars and the war in Iraq is illegal and unconstitutional, and according to Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, Bush can be legally charged with murder because it is FACT that the Bush administration LIED to start this war. It's not a political issue. It's a moral and legal one.

What people have to understand is that the Democrats and Republicans----well, I should say, the Neo-cons (there's Neo-cons in both parties) work together and there's people who arent Neo-cons like Biden who are simply confused on what the Constitution says. For example, Biden is for the Patriot Act (which is unconstitutional) and he is for Habeas Corpus (which is Constitutional). There are very very few people in washington who are trying to save the Constitution, but many are against it. Did you know that in the preamble to the Declarartion of Independence it says to us (the American people) that if government becomes corrupt, then it is not just our responsibility but our DUTY to throw off the old government.

Many people, as do I, interpret this as "by force", which would make Thomas Jefferson a certified terrorist in modern America. This is why Ron Paul gets demonized and why he is considered "radical" because many, many Americans simply do not know what our own founding documents say. They think they do, but they really dont. These are the same people who think the Patriot Act is a good thing.

I get very concerned and even often sickened when people say "I wont vote for him because he wont win". So? Do you have a conscience? The lesser of two evils is STILL evil. Voting for either McCain or Obama just because you know millions of others will too is a cop out and it's just following the sheep to the slaughter. I would think Christians would know something about sheep.

I am so sick and tired of the religious people in this country voting on someone because they are "Christian" or claim to be. Bush says he is too, and look how that turned out! The founding fathers were very careful in writing the Constitution so that this very thing would NOT happen---that people seperated religion from government. You have to vote on people based on their commitment to the Constitution---PERIOD. Nothing else---nothing. This is why Ron Paul will STILL get my vote on Nov 4. Either him, or Mickey Mouse.

McCain and Obama are both New World Order elitists. It concerns and worries me that even after FIVE years people STILL do not know the truth about this war in Iraq and that Laura said "War is a biblical concept. I am for War (if necessary).It is ordained by God. Most of the men of God in the bible went to war. I am for war too---but ONLY in these cases: It is Constitutional (the Iraq war is NOT). If is legal (the Iraq war is NOT). If it not was presented to us (American people) under false pretenses (the Iraq war was NOT---we were lied to and it doesnt matter if you dont agree with me on this, because ALL 16 intelligence agencies in their NIE report of 2002 said that Saddam Hussein was NOT an imminent threat to America, and Bush STILL went on National TV 6 days later and LIED to the American people and said that Saddam WAS an imminent threat. In fact, Saddam himself said he would ONLY attack America is we attacked HIM first), if the war is actually protecting Americans from an imminent threat (the Iraq war is NOT--in fact, it has actually made us LESS safe---we are more hated in the world today than at any other time in our history), and when the war has an objective and a strategy and is winnable (the Iraq war falls under NONE of these categories)

I cannot stand people who say this war is "winnable". We are fighting an invisible enemy (terrorism)---can anyone tell me how we define "win"??? When we kill everyone who has a "al Qaeda" T-shirt on? The "war on terror" is phony, because we aren't fighting an emeny, we are fighting an ideology---which means there will never be an end to it. It's like sending troops to fight a war on racism. How do you defeat that? With guns? How will you know you killed all the racists? You DONT!

Its a war (George Bush's war, not OURS) that can last as long as they want and they can profit on it as long as they want. That's why the "war on terror" is PERFECT for the neo-cons.

In closing, I am not "wasting" a vote by voting for Ron Paul or not voting at all, because voting for someone simply because the masses do and because you have to vote for someone who will realistically win is ridiculous.

I voted for Kerry in 2004 because it was the "lesser of 2 evils" only to find out later that Kerry is George Bush's cousin and they were both members in the secret society Skull & Bones----a topic that even Tim Russert confronted them on, incase you think Im nuts. Incase you dont know what Skull & Bones is, it is a secret society that originated with the German Illuminati--in other words: evil and Satanic.

Obama is a New World Order elitist who follows Zbigniew Brzezinski--who used to be Jimmy Carter's national Security advisor--who is also a One World Government advocate. McCain is a New World Order elitist who follows Henry Kissinger---who used to be our Secretaty of State under Nixon---and I dont have the time or energy to even BEGIN to tell you how evil that bastard is. Where's the choice?

I didnt want to start a fued, but just wanted to give my two cents to the table. Im out like Chad Johnson's last name.

Larry said...

oh by the way Dave---I posted the Chuck Baldwin piece on my blog too even before I knew it was on yours. There's good things about Palin, but it is obvious she was just used to attact the religious buffoons in this country who, when they see someone say "Im a Christian", they get as giddy as a dog when you toss them a bone. Many religious people are, as Baldwin said, "gullible" because they want so badly to believe that America is the "Godly" country and we always do the right, moral, Christian thing and that all other countries are evil----especially those evil middle eastern countries, especially Iraq because they attacked us on 9-11. Oh wait, that's right, Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 since 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia---and we cant attack the Saudis, can we? No, of course not, they are Bush's friends.

They want to believe America is so good and we can never, ever do anything bad. This is why I get accused of "hating" America by some of the imbeciles on my blog. They think just because I am against the evil people who are destroying our Constitution in Washington, that I hate the entire country and everything the country stands for. This is the same intellect that says that if you hate the bad things your child is doing, then you must hate your child. Where do these people come from?

Oh and Dave, Im reading some great books now. Im currently reading "The Rise of the Fourth Reich" by Jim Marrs---you MUST read it. It's frightening.

Larry said...

please forgive my typos in the previous posts. I hope they are obvious

Larry said...

Dave, three great videos here showing the complete and utter hypocrisy of John McCain showing that he was basically Ron Paul in 1993 and 1994, now he is a Neo-con Bush clone.




Troops dead in Somalia: 43 (John McCain said "bring the troops home!")

Troops dead in Haiti: 4 (John McCain said "bring the troops home!)

Troops dead in Iraq War: 4,155 (John McCain said "let's stay for 100 years")

Are you ready to watch all the "as it happened" video footage today where they play the actual coverage of 9/11 in real time as it happened on that day where they completely edit out the parts where they talk to all the people who heard explosions before the towers collapsed? And when they edit Rudy Giuliani telling Peter Jennings "we were told the towers were gonna collapse"? (and of course, he's lied about saying this many times since then)

David H. Willis said...

Willis/Wolf in 2012 - Sounds good to me. I respect your views and agree with you on just about everything. Cool, huh?

David H. Willis said...

You're the man. Maybe I can be your associate. I hear you and most of my friends share your position and I fine with that. I don't encourage anyone to vote with me - not even my wife. BTW, a predicition - McCain will win. So, in the end it will be NObama in 08 anyway.

David H. Willis said...


This is like a moment from back in Harold C. Turner dorm. Of course, Tony isn't actualy here, but his wife is, close enough. Anyway, who would've thought that it would all happen right here at WTBW? By the way, I did see the late Tim Russert with McCain and it was classic. He showed a quote from McCain to McCain but John didn't realize. It was funny: McCain refuted earlier McCain. I think John - more wars - less jobs -McCain will probably win. So, if I have any readers in Iran - you beter look out!

Larry said...

I dont know who this Badger person is, but it's comments like this that infuriate me--->"Obama seriously gives me the creeps and I worry about our country and our future if he is president: more taxes is not going to help our economy, nor is a terrorist attack."

Does anyone remember what party was in office during 9/11? I believe it was the Republicans (actually Neo-cons). Im not defending Obama---I dont like him either, but I cannot stand when people act like the Democrats LOVE terror, when it's the GOP who have constantly hammered us with fear by exploiting the 9/11 attacks. I can't stand when they blame Clinton for 9/11 too. I dont like Clinton either but he did everything he could to get Bin Laden, but was constantly stopped by the Republicans who controlled the House and the Senate at the time.

Clinton even created the new Department of Counter-intelligence at the CIA and hired Richard Clarke to head it. That's the unit that Bush CLOSED in 2006! So, not only was Bush protecting Bin Laden's family days after 9-11 by making sure they all flew safely out of the country, but he was protecting Bin Laden HIMSELF by closing the very unit that was created to find him. Neocons----a terrorists' best friend.

Remember these famous words by Bush in 2002?: "I don't know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority.I am truly not that concerned about him."

- G.W. Bush, repsonding to a question about bin Laden's whereabouts, 3/13/02

Dave---I could be totally wrong about this, but I would put money on the fact that the October surprise for the GOP is going to be the "capture" or the "death of Bin Laden" announced just in time for the election---even though on the FBI's website www.fbi.gov, 9/11 is not listen on Bin Laden's profile as one of his crimes. Know why? Because the FBI ADMITTED a few years ago that they didn't have enough evidence on him that he carried out 9/11.

Dave, start reading books by David Ray Griffin, he is absolutely the BEST author on 9/11. He is also a former professor of Theology

Larry said...

Did you watch that disgusting 9/11 "tribute" during the GOP convention right before McCain's speech? They actually FALSELY linked the Iran hostage crisis of 1979 with 9/11! UNBELIEVABLE!

Could you imagine a Democrat running for President now and how they would be villified, smeared and condemned if a DEMOCRAT was in office on 9/11 and they hadn't captured Bin Laden yet? Could you imagine that? But no one talks about the fact that Bin Laden is still FREE 7 years later under the same administration of 7 years ago.

I personally believe Bin Laden is dead and had nothing really to do with 9/11. Bin Laden was actually a CIA operative at one time under the code name Tim Osman. Saddam was our ally at one time as well. We (the US) gave Saddamn the gas he used to gas his people! We created Saddam and when he became the ruthless dictator over his own people, he then became the boogeyman for all evil acts done to America---and then he was the patsy. It's unbelievable how many people still dont know these basic things and who think you're nuts when you mention it. Simply amazing.

David H. Willis said...


First, Badger is a good brother in the Lord.

Second, dude you are burning up the keyboard today. There is indeed more to what's going on out there than meets the eye. People have to pursue truth these days as it is not always readily available. You know how most people will react to what you've written. I'll leave it up to my readers to form there own views, but thanks for stopping in. I'll probaly get beat up a little too, but this is a free speech zone and I've never deleted a comment.

Larry said...

I agree with you, but I absolutely cannt stand when these FOX News zombies spew these incessant lies about anyone who doesn't walk in lock-step with their fear driven propaganda---and these people that watch FOX News actually BELIEVE the CRAP that comes from this channel as if it's gospel truth.

You will find more truth on my website in one week than you will find on FOX News in a year. Like my site says "An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, not does truth become error because nobody sees it". So, I dont pat myself on the back and say 'That-a-boy' to myself for delivering truthful things---I am only the instrument that is between the liar and the one who is being lied to that believes the garbage the government and the media feeds us everyday.

It's absolutely stunning to me that people still...STILL in 2008 believe the GOP of today is the same GOP of yesteryear. I posted this on my site a few weeks ago and just let me repeat this. These are ACTUAL quotes from Republican Neo-cons. This is from my May 31, 2008 post. It was about the GOP not only exploiting 9/11 (like they always do), but actually WISHING for another 9/11!

Look to these quotes and tell me what you think would have happened and how much outrage this would have created if a DEMOCRAT would have said these things:

"This is ... one of the great tragedies of the Bush administration," Gingrich continued. "The more successful they've been at intercepting and stopping bad guys, the less proof there is that we're in danger. And therefore, the better they've done at making sure there isn't an attack, the easier it is to say, 'Well, there never was going to be an attack anyway.' And it's almost like they should every once in a while have allowed an attack to get through just to remind us".

(Newt Gingrich, April 2008)

"That's what I was just going to say. This President's pretty much a victim of success. We haven't had an attack in five years. The perception of the threat is so low in this society that it's not surprising that the behavior pattern reflects a low threat assessment. The same thing's in Europe, there's a low threat perception. The correction for that, I suppose, is an attack. And when that happens, then everyone gets energized for another [inaudible] and it's a shame we don't have the maturity to recognize the seriousness of the threats...the lethality, the carnage, that can be imposed on our society is so real and so present and so serious that you'd think we'd be able to understand it, but as a society, the longer you get away from 9/11, the less...the less..."

(Donald Rumsfeld, Dec 2006)

"Between now and November, a lot of things are going to happen, and I believe that by this time next year, the American public’s going to have a very different view of this war, and it will be because, I think, of some unfortunate events, that like we’re seeing unfold in the UK. But I think the American public’s going to have a very different view."

(Rick Santorum, July 2007)

"At the end of the day, I believe fully the president is doing the right thing, and I think all we need is some attacks on American soil like we had on [Sept. 11, 2001],"

(Dennis Milligan, chairman of the Arkansas GOP, June 2007)

I would LOVE to hear responses from the Christian right on the above quotes and please list for me even ONE comment from a Democrat that even resembles quotes like these.

William Mckinley Dyer said...

OMG why do people post books as comments? Laura, no offence but i think a righteous prayer will do more good for this country than a vote for Ronald Reagan if he was alive and could run again.
To everyone who is so concerned about who's going to be president....read the Bible God's in Control, calm down Jesus is still King regardless of whether Obama wins.

David H. Willis said...


Keith Wood said...

Man, you miss just a couple of days at WTBW and all h-e-double hockeysticks breaks loose (and no that is not a veiled reference to nor a sublimal promotion of our hockey-mum from AK, although I too like her.)

Good to see the all the blog action. Shout outs to all contributors.

BTW, why does Willis and Wolf get all the promo, Wood for president sounds good to me.

David H. Willis said...

Let me the 1st on the bandwagon: Wood in 2012!

Tony W. said...

I'm not sure I follow. I ask this question out of sincere respect for all of the posters on WTBW - this is not a question to condemn anyone's opinion or anything. Dyer's comment "Read the Bible God's in Control, calm down Jesus is still King regardless of whether Obama wins" seems somewhat apathetic to me. It is obviously true that God IS in control and Jesus WILL be Lord to be sure. I don't know you Dyer, but if you're a friend of Dave I'm sure you're one of the good guy's. Still, I thought last night, if that is the right approach to take. I don't know. It would be dangerous to insert all of life's situations into that sentence structure. "Jesus is still King regardless of whether my daughter is taught sex ed in pre-K or not." "Jesus is still King regardless of whether our country eventually becomes communist or not." "Jesus is still King regardless of whether we do the right or wrong things." "Jesus is still King regardless of whether we share Him with others or not." I hope you understand where my thought process comes from. No disrespect to Dyer at all. I certainly feel the same way sometimes. I see Jesus as a passionate person. I view His followers the same way in the Word. Think what you will about Larry (I disagree with him often) - that guy is passionate!!! And he honestly is seeking truth. My father fought in Viet Nam because he loves freedom. It's no wonder that our 16-29 generation is called the "whatever" generation (that's what Josh McDowell told me back in February). I'm sure I'm in the minority here (recent polls show that only 1 in 4 Christians vote) - I guess I just want to understand the idea that it doesn't matter if we vote or not.

David H. Willis said...


I let Dyer respond for himself, but I think we'er probaly much closer to thinking the same way than appears. His point is simply (I think) that whatever happens, be it McCain or Obama, we'll be alright if we're right with the Lord. It's not Jesus is going to lose the election as king of Kings & OLord or Lords. Yes this world is full of ungodliness, but is not our home. We won't abandon ship if the downward spiral continues. Things were pretty horrific during those early years of the church, yet it grew and people were saved. In history there have been ups downs, revival & apostasy but ultimately it's all is just history. Some things will only be realized in the future on the other side. I look forward to seeing you there.

Tony W. said...

That makes sense. I wasn't criticizing Dyer, just letting my brain wander last night - which is usually not a good idea. :) Thanks Dave, the other side it shall be!

Larry said...

hey Tony, not to turn this into a pissing contest, but just what exactly do you disagree about? Pretty much everything I say without the words "I think" attached is pretty much documented fact. As much as Im perceived as a "conspiracy theorist", I try to actually stay away from theories. The 9-11 stuff I believe in is never meant to be taken as 100%, irrefutable fact---my aim and goal is to try to reach people with the message that the government's story of 9-11 is a big lie. I didnt wake up one day and say "OK, I hate my country now so now Im going to go look for every un-American website and teaching I can find to bash my country"---just the opposite--I believe most people in Washington wake up every day saying this. There's many in Washington who want our Constitution gone, ended, torched...or any other word that means "over"---and 9-11 gave them the PERFECT excuse for it.

My goodness, if you studied Hitler even mildly you would see many eerie similarities between what has happened since 9-11 and the days/weeks after Hitler firebombed his own Reichstag building and blamed it on the communists. (thats all fact by the way that Hitler had his own parliament building bombed so he could pass the Enabling Act, similar to our Patriot Act, and invade Poland)

I was shocked to learn everything I have learned in the past 4 years. Whether you agree or not, we ARE losing our liberties and our country is slowly turning to a fascistic police state. The ONLY reason it doesnt happen faster is because we still have (for now) our Constitution. Our Constitution will officially become obsolete when the North American Union happens (the merging of Canada, US and Mexico) and we start seeing the new money circulating (the Amero). There's already some small towns in Texas that have stopped taking the dollar.

My favorite author about 9-11, David Ray Griffin (who is a retired professor of theology, by the way) says it best pertaining to the truth-seekers of 9-11. He says:

"Defenders of the officially story [of 9/11] must show that every one of the key claims made by the leading critics of the official story is false. Why? Because each of these claims challenges one of the essential claims of the official story. If even one of those essential claims is disproved, then the official story as such is thrown into doubt. Critics do not need to show the falsity of every essential element in the official account; they need to show only the falsity of one such element."

In other words, he is saying that defenders of the official story have to debunk ALL of the claims critics make, but the critics only have to debunk ONE of the defenders' claims. Turns out, there is way more than just ONE thing wrong with the official story.

When you live your day to day life and just catch glimpes or soundbytes on TV about this stuff, you really dont notice whats going on. In fact, in the rare event the media does talk about it, they will spin it and only have critics on their show for the last 2 minutes of the show and then never letting them talk or calling them nutty. When you sit down and actually study this and devote time to it, you clearly see how much is covered up, and it's frightening.

I dont expect every single person in the country to devote 90% of their time to this. We have families, careers and responsibilities. But keep in mind, that's exactly what the powers that be count on, that we will be busy with other things and not have time to devote to this, thus having to trust the government and the media for the facts about all this---and I refuse to--because they are lying to us repeatedly, and we live our lives with our busy schedules and it passes right by and we dont notice, so we accept what is being fed to us.

The government hates people that think for themselves and questions things. They want us to think politicians care about us, or that they even have the power to do most things we think they can control. They dont control things. The banks and corporations control the world, not politicians. They are only there to make us think we have a choice and for someone to blame when we are angry. We have no choice. God is not in control---the central banks are. There are so many every day things that we think are normal that are actually unconstitutional----like income taxes---the biggest lie ever told to the American people. The Federal Reserve who prints our money---not Federal, nor a reserve. Do you realize the Fed is not even technically a government institution? It is a PRIVATE organization, and not constitutional. Anyway, Ive written too much. I cant possibly explain it all. I know you wont accept most or all of this, but it doesnt make it untrue---it just means the governments plan is fulfilled when people have accepted these unconstitutional frauds.

If God was on America's side so much, why is America controlled by so much corruption? If the founding fathers were here today, they'd go into shock. Peace

Tony W. said...

Hey Larry! My comment (which actually supported you) was in reference to the many disagreements we have had over the years on topics ranging from music to fantasy league junk. However, when you say things like "God is not in control ..." that IS your opinion and I disagree.

Larry said...

Ok, well it was hard to tell what you meant--it wasnt clear. The whole text of your post was political and when you said "and he is honestly seeking truth", that kind of sealed it for me that you were talking about political things, but if you say you meant something else than I accept that. Yeah, you're right, my comment is my opinion just as it is your opinion that he IS in control. What's funny is (and this is not directed toward you) but I get accused of being a "conspiracy theorist" which, by its very definition, means you don't rely on facts but theories---but Im actually the opposite. Im tired of having faith in things. I want evidence and I use the same philosophy to form my political views. I go by evidence and facts and not faith or theories.

I have many problems with the Bible and I firmly believe that if God loved me as much as he claims he does, he would still love me despite my doubts and my questioning. Tell me something: God gave us free will right? I'm assuming you believe he did. So, let me ask this: If God gave us the freedom to think for ourselves and be our own person, then how can he present us with that freedom and then after we have exercized that freedom say, "Ooops, sorry there buddy, you've made a boo boo there, you've chosen the wrong thing?"

It seems as if God is saying, "You have free will----but if you dont chose ME, you're punished FOREVER!" That's love? Even I, a mere mortal, have the capacity to accept the fact that if my own child chose a different path than I had planned for them, I, in my limited finite mind would STILL be able to love them, accept them and STILL not want them punished for eternity. God, 'supposedly',is so much more loving and powerful than we are----but he sends us to Hell FOREVER for not going his way? Pretty selfish to me. In fact, there's two words that describe God in the Bible: Jealous and selfish. How can God be love if he is jealous and selfish? Don't these two words imply a lack of love? I realize the word jealous in the Bible means "intolerant of faithfulness" but if God gave us free will, why can't we choose something else without this fear of burning forever looming over us?

Just my thoughts

Larry said...

Ooops, I meant "intolerant of UNfaithfulness" in my last post

William Mckinley Dyer said...

SOrry for takin so long to get back to ya Tony. I appreciate you questioning what i said b/c i def dont want you to think i a have the attitude like u expressed b/c that would be the wrong one indeed. I hate my "apathetic/whatever" generation, which i think is a good term for it.
Im all for Christians making a stand against evil in our world as it is today. I just get kinda frustrated with Christians who believe that if you are not as Hardcore about Politics (especially the Republican party)as you are about Christ then you are not a good Christian. People act like we lost the war against satan b/c a democart became president. We forget we are one 1 nation in a World of nations. So i just want those zealous people to chill out remember Christ is King regardless and direct their zeal to more proper things. They have the right thought (lets fight against the downfall of our nation) but they think it will be won b/c we put a republican into the Presidency. Lets take that zeal to fight our declining nation with preaching the Gospel, feeding the poor, clothing the naked etc...I didnt mean it to come as an apathetic attitude, on the contrary, just take our zeal to the proper place. Im not saying voting is dumb or being worried bout politics is worthless. I just dont want people thinking im not fighting for God's Kingdom b/c im not out campaigning for the next republican in 08, 2012, 2016, etc...On a side note (this ones for free) the power doesnt reside with the Presidency anyways but with the Supreme Court. When we gave the power to the Supreme Court to interpret (redefine) the Constitution we stopped being a Democracy and started being an Oligarchy.(Hows this for not appreciating history Dave, lol?)So we should be fighting for who our Supreme Court Justices are going to be more than the Presidency. (And Yes i know the President appoints those justices)

Larry said...

1 in 4 Christians vote because most (if not all) Christians believe that God will just magically wave his hand over this country in meditation (like Yoda raising Luke's X wing fighter from the swamp) and fix everything. After all, this IS America right? The country that does no wrong and always does the Christian, moral, decent and righteous thing.

It's not like we start wars illegally and attack other nations that have done absolutely nothing to us or stage terror attacks in order to gain the support of our citizens for illegal, immoral wars and to change our foreign policy. Oh, wait-----we DO do that stuff!

It's this "I don't have to vote or be involved because God will take care of our good, righteous, Christian nation" crap that I cannot stand. It's a good thing the founding fathers didn't hold this philosophy! We'd be living in West Great Britian today!

And it's also a good thing they had the intelligence to keep religion out of politics and politics out of religion---but sadly, not many in this country know what "seperation of church and state" means. I am sick and tired of people picking our leaders because of their religious views. I pick my leaders by their stance on the Constitution---period---nothing else.

There's a reason why the founders sat down and wrote the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. You didn't see them all sign a giant Bible, did you?

I dont give a rats ass what Sarah Palin's religious beliefs are. Does she follow the Constitution? She's already proven herself to be a big liar...lying about her being against the bridge to nowhere (which she was FOR until the entire state wanted to burn her at the stake) then she was against it. She hired a lobbying firm to snag the $200 million earmark (all in the name of Jesus, I suppose).
She lied to Charles Gibson when he asked her if she had met any foreign heads of state, she said "No"--which is the truth, but then said if that question was asked of most modern day VP candidates the answer would be "No" too. Lie. Palin would be the first VP in 32 years not to meet any heads of state.

I agree with Palin on global warming---that it is NOT caused by man. But she lied to Gibson and said she has never said that it wasn't caused by man. In an interview last year with a Fairbanks newspaper she said: "I'm not an Al Gore, doom-and-gloom environmentalist blaming the changes in our climate on human activity."

Of course, there's her pregnant daughter that the slew of right wing pundits has defended. They said it should be a private issue when her daughter and her BF was at the freaking GOP convention! So much for privacy! I'm not condemning Palin for having a pregnant daughter, but I just love the hypocrisy of the right wingers when they protect her when I know (not think, KNOW) that if Obama had a pregnant teenage daughter it would be the scandal of the century. It would be this---> "Calling all ships at sea...Obama's daughter is pregnant". They ALREADY say that Obama is not a Christian----I dont know if he is, and I dont care---he's still a New World Order elitist. Imagine if his daughter was unmarried and pregnant----oh my goodness! This would be his political undoing. But Palin can have a pregnant teenage daughter and she gets a free pass---like Mccain has gotten a free pass from the press for the 150 gaffes he's made in the past 2 years. Unreal.

And she has recently said the Iraq war was "God's plan". Oh for heaven's sake, will we ever get rid of these nutballs who think God ordains illegal wars based on lies? I cannot wait until Biden destroys her in the VP debates.

Larry said...

Why doesnt anyone respond to me? Im not looking for a fight, really Im not. I just want to know what people think about what Ive written. Do you think Im nuts? If so, why? Because you havent heard what I talk about on FOX News? Are people afraid they will get shallacked with facts?

You know what kills me---is when people dont vote for a candidate because they think they wont win (or have little chance). It is profoundly astonishing that Christians (above all people) hold this view that voting for the 'lesser known' candidate is a waste of time, for several reasons.

1. First of all, you're Christians. You've already chosen a lifestyle that, compared to the majority of the world, is not that popular. Even the Bible acknowledges that the path is the "narrow" way, meaning, not the popular route. So, in this sense, you acknowledge that the right way is not always the most popular. But, for some strange reason, when it comes to voting, you abandon your conscience and go with the more popular candidates. And in this years election----the RIGHT ones sure weren't popular! And this is NOT my opinion either. Over 70% of Americans are against the war and yet the 2 Presidential nominees are both PRO war! McCain has the nerve to say "Country First"??? OK, then he should end the war then since the majority of the COUNTRY wants it OVER.

2) Incase anyone hasnt figured it out, Im now an agnostic about religion. What absolutely stuns me is that my choice for President was Ron Paul. Ron Paul has been married for 51 years to the same woman, is a pro-life ob/gyn and has delivered 4,000 babies and holds the Constitutional view that we are not to be involved in entangling alliances---in other words-----the very PEACE that Jesus taught when he said "turn the other cheek". Of course, McCain thinks non-interventionism and isolationism are the same thing--and Ron Paul schooled him in the deabtes on that issue.

What kills me is: Im the agnostic and supported the more Christian candidate and you guys are Christians and support McCain who votes for Bush (the worst President ever) 90% of the time, cheated on his first wife while she was still recovering from being almost killed in a car accident, lies over and over (being tortured among his top lies), was among the Keating 5 in the Charles Keating scandal in which McCain aided the aforementioned felon and of course McCain is one of today's top warmongers who cheers on the illegal and unconstitutional war in Iraq and also has joked about killing Iranians and bombing Iran. (did Jesus ever joke about killing people? If he did, I missed that in Johnny Pressley's class). McCain also recently voted on the use of torture (although he "claims" he was tortured himself) And of course, McCain is now a New World Order elitist who loves Henry Kissinger, a man who once actually said these words: "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

I'm sure McCain feels the same since he has voted against supporting POW's.

Here is a link that proves John McCain was not tortured--from June 1969. Not one mention of torture in this