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Monday, September 15, 2008

Palin a Neocon?

Paul Milshine says "Palin Got Neoconned in Record Time."

Say it isn't so! I like Governor Palin, but her conversion was to be expected. She was even a Pat Buchanan supporter back in the day. But, apparently she isn't reading Pat's columns or books nowadays. I do wish, however, that she was governor of Virginia. She would be a definite upgrade around here! I still think she will pull McCain over the top in November. I just hope she retains some of her positive conservative qualities.

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Larry said...

Well, Palin has some of the top qualifications to be a Neocon:

1) Supports the illegal, immoral Iraq war which was sold to the American people on the lie that Iraq was an imminent threat to us.

2) She says the war is ordained by God ("....God's plan)

3) She's a perpetual liar

4) She supports McCain

Quite frankly, it concerns me when Christians just throw their support to someone like McCain who is by ALL definitions, a Neocon. Do Christians even know what a Neocon is? I know you do dave, but do most know? Do they even realize that Neoconservatism is the rejection of individual rights and liberty? That's right, to be a Neocon or to even support one means (whether you are doing it consciencely or not) that you are rejecting liberty, in other words, what our very Constitution is rooted in. I know this for a FACT. I have studied the origins of Neoconservatism and the teachings of Leo Strauss. One of Leo Strauss' students was Irving Kristol----and Irving Kristol's son is FOX News' William Kristol. Scary isnt it? And they call ME the conspiracy theorist! These people are conspiring to destroy America from right underneath our noses and guess what? They are winning, because we are too busy watching American Idol and Dancing with the Stars and too busy thinking God is just going to wave his healing hand over the USA and fix everything. Sometimes I actually wonder if God is allowing these criminals to take over and destroy this country because we (Americans) are so freaking STUPID!!