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Sunday, September 28, 2008

His 1st Day of School

It's offical: My son, Preston, is now in kindergarten. It happened a few weeks ago, but a neighbor just sent this picture from that first day. We took our camera to the bus stop but our batteries were dead (I hate it when that happens)! Fortunately our neighbor had her camera (with good batteries). I think the pic is pretty cool myself. He was off on his first ride on the school bus and the good news is --- he likes it! School is going well for him (& his big sisters too). I remember my first day of school and I recall being much more of a baby than he was.


Laura said...

Preston is a great name...and what a great pic! I am going to cry my eyes out when Brooke takes her first bus ride. I would prefer to drive Brooklyn to school each day, but her daddy and her are insistent that she will ride the bus. Oh well. I'll just have to follow the bus the whole way. (;

David H. Willis said...

Thanks Laura. He's named after my fahter who died a little over ten years ago. Tammy was going to drive Preston too but we decided to see how it went first. So far so good.