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Friday, September 26, 2008

One of them will be President of the U.S.A.

300 million

of us


this is

best we can do



William Mckinley Dyer said...

If we used to have men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as President and now its one of these two, isnt that a proof that we are not evolving but getting worse??? Again Evolution fails in light of the Evidence LOL

Onnie said...

Amen Brother Willis! There's always a write-in vote.

David H. Willis said...


Thanks for stopping in. I'll have to check out you blog. And welcome to the blogosphere.

Larry said...

Finally, a post I agree with!

Badger said...

Amen, David, you said a mouthful! So true.

So, who do we vote for?

A. Damned if you do.

B. Damned if you don't.

Larry said...

Do like I do. You vote for the person you feel is the best for the job, based on research of what they stand for, and not for what the media says they are. If you still dont like anyone, you dont vote.

Larry said...

Latest article on my site is pretty good---about Ron Paul talking about the very good possibility of martial law because of 10 more years of recession.

Doesnt God strike people dead for wanting to BE God? Well, then why is Greenspan, Bush, Cheney and Bernanke still living Dave?

It definately IS the great depression. Of course, Ive been greatly depressed for nearly 8 years and am preparing for it last another 4 years.

Larry said...

Dave, you now delete comments? "turd" is a bad word? LOL

Laura W. said...

No, *damned* would not be the appropriate word here Badger. (; I'm messing with you...sometimes it's hard to see the smirk over the computer.

The answer is not that hard guys. You vote for the guy who best represents your values. Again, the "perfect candidate" died 2000 years ago. Sorry to burst your bubble....but there's never going to be another perfect candidate. I am not thrilled about this election's candidates. However, I do know enough about my own beliefs and convictions to know (IMHO) who should most definitely NOT be in office. I will vote for the other guy...in this case McCain. It's that simple. Regardless of how you try to rationalize it, not voting (or voting for Mickey Mouse, or Santa Claus or Ron Paul) is irresponsible. It shows no respect for the fact that America is a free nation with the ability to vote.

Would you guys be fine if we had no choice in the matter? If the government said, "for now on, we choose who runs this country and you have no say".. would you be okay with that just because you can't have your perfect guy in there? Not me. Come November I will be exercising my right to vote, and voting between the two candidates running...not for someone else I would prefer to be in the oval office.
Also, for consideration...

"Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor."
Romans 13:6

You guys know we are to respect our governing authorities. Which means that even if the wrong guy is voted in (Obama). As followers of Christ, we still have to respect and honor him. I will do that as well.

David H. Willis said...

Did a post egt deleted? I've never deleted one. Of course I reserve the right to do so. But Badger has the green light here at WTBW?and I can't imagine ever deleting his comments.


I hear you and I respect your position. I'd neve thought about Mickey Mouse but it is tempting (just kidding).

Laura W. said...

Here you go Dave... www.votemickey.com

They list reason why Mickey would be the perfect candidate in 2008. Some of them are pretty good (;

They also have an area where you can donate to the campaign. Whoever came up with this idea is probably making a little bit of cash off it. I can remember in the 2000 election Mickey got over 400 votes just in FL. (:

David H. Willis said...

Thanks for site. There are some pretty compelling reasons to consider Mickey. But, if I'm voting fictional/cartoon character I'd be more inclined to go Bugs Bunny. He's adminstration would be absolutely great with the whole Looney Tunes gang: Elmer (VP), Daffy (Sec. of State), Porky (FDA), Road Runner (Transportation), Yosemite Sam (Defense),etc. I also think he'd be unbeatable in a debate. I can hear him now: "Ehh, What's up Barak?"

Okay I'm losing it. It's time for bed.

Larry said...

sorry about that Dave---i was tired earlier when I thought you deleted my comment. I put it under the most recent one. and I thought I put it under this post ---- my eyes were almost shut when I typed that. I wasnt mad, just thought you had something against the word "turd"----glad to see thats not the case.

Larry said...

Dave---my new funny but frightening post on my site. Take a look: