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Monday, February 02, 2009

Cedar Creek with Soren

I'm back in VA after a few days on the frozen tundra of Indiana! My friend Mike "Soren" Kjergaard invited me up to preach for their annual Men's Retreat this past Friday & Saturday. I also spoke for at Cedar Creek Sunday morning. It was terrific time and I'm now home with a since of being re-energized. It is always a blast to hangout with Mike. We definitely have a kindred spirit. I stayed with his family and they were most hospitable. I enjoyed spending time with his children - Lindsey & Luke (Luke is a burgeoning guitarist). Tracy (aka. "Mrs. Soren") knocked it out of the park in the kitchen. She made some delicious lasanga and followed it up with the best pecan pie ever and a new pie for my palate: buttermilk pie. WOW! It was just too tasty to describe! I spoke 6 times in 3 days (4 at the retreat and 2 Sunday morning). The retreat was great - and, yes, I reverted back to junior high (just a little). The camp - Lake James Christian Assembly - is outstanding. My multiple flights were smmoth and I even caught a bit of the Super Bowl in the Charlotte airport last night. Cedar Creek was a terrific church to be with and Mike's staff is tremendous. I could ramble on and on, but just know that I'm very thankful I had the opportunity to be there. If you're ever in the Fort Wayne area, go celebrate Christ at the Creek!

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