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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last Night

First, let me admit that i did not watch the entirety of the President's speech. This was nothing oersonal (I didn't always watch the previous President's either). I did watch most of it, so let me make a few obswervations.
  • President Obama is a good speaker. However, I do not get the absolute fawning and infatuation that many pundits exhibit. Please! These people are mesmerized? Again, the President is a very good speaker - he's well prepared, his speeches are well written, he's comfortable & confident, and he delivers his message very well. I get that and appreciate it. BUT, again, I don't get the enraptured's praise. Admittedly, comparisons to his predecessor must contribute to the hype.
  • I couldn't stop looking at Biden & Pelosi. I think the President should bring some more change to Washington and have the two of them seated in the audience. it's weird but it seemed like they should be extra's on the Adam's family or something.
  • Biden's hyper-white teeth smiles and robotic clapping annowed me, but not nearly as much as his sidekick. She really bugged me...
  • Nancy "Jack in the Box" Pelosi looked liked she'd been trainingg for this event. She sprang to her feet with the explosiveness of a preteen cheerleader. And what's up with her mouth? I guess all the work she's had done was bothering her or perhaps the heavy lipstick was irritating, but she kept doing these weird things with her mouth. Again, she needs to be in the audience, not behind the President on national TV!
  • Finally, this is the first time I watched such an event in HD. Boy, those guys up there are....how shall I say it....quite advanced in years. I'm not saying that seniors should be disqualifed - I just happen to notice that it looked a little like Obama's speech to the AARP duting his campaign.
  • Now about the substance of the President's speech... What substance?

Have a lovely day!


William Mckinley Dyer said...

Im not that Old but i CAN remember when the President coming on cancelled ALL TV shows b/c all we had was 6, 8, 12. I unfortunately didnt was not able to watch the speech so maybe i can catch it on the internet somewhere. I sure some memorized person has blinked by now and put that thing on the internet

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to watch it...not sure I will have time to catch it on the inter-net.

But I just wanted to say hey to dave. so....hey!


SammyBoy said...

I didn't watch, but I listened from across the room. 60+ minutes of lies, distortions and empty promises. It completely baffles me how anyone could think this man has any intention of leading this country to anywhere except total gov't control of nearly every aspect of our lives. To all you people who voted for him - - - thank you so very much! You are now excused from ever having anything to do with deciding who's in charge, ever again.

David H. Willis said...

Wow! Sam, welcome aboard! You're bringing it srong and that's what we like around here. Good to see here bro.

Anonymous said...

Dude - I did actually watch this (at least most of it - probably watched more of this one speech from Obama than all of Bush's combined - just not into the whole deal but trying to give Obama a chance)

Okay so let me say NO WAY that we had almost the same thoughts (does that scare you) about his "cronies" over his shoulder - Biden's Big Beaming Pearly Whites kept distracting me - maybe people are not actually mesmerized by Obama's speech - they were just hypnotized by the Great Grinsby (weak joke/reference to Great Gatsby ha ha ha) sitting behind him.

And I won't even get started on Pelosi - what in the HECK - Jack In The Box was a perfect expression - she should have just STOOD the whole time - no telling how much ben gay she had to rub on those thighs today after all that squat thrusting - but I was not as bothered with her mouth issues as her eyes - if you ever get a chance to watch it again - notice Biden may have looked crazy but he did lock in on Obama and pay attention and react when necessary - Pelosi's eyes were darting all over the room I am not sure she even realize that Obama was up front talking - it looked like she was doing one of those tests on an athlete after a concussion when the trainer makes them follow his finger or a light with their eyes to see if they are jumpy - it was making me crazy.

Yeah I think they need to put some others up there - HEY I got a GREAT IDEA how about those 2 guys from the muppet show that used to sit in the balcony and instead of stupid standing ovations just let these 2 guys make snide comments the whole time - THAT WOULD MAKE IT TONS MORE INTERESTING.

Okay my bad man - I used your comment section to write my own blog - but I just got wound up.

Keep up the great work man - have a good one!

David H. Willis said...

"HEY I got a GREAT IDEA how about those 2 guys from the muppet show that used to sit in the balcony and instead of stupid standing ovations just let these 2 guys make snide comments the whole time - THAT WOULD MAKE IT TONS MORE INTERESTING"

Bro that is a GREAT IDEA! I