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Monday, October 20, 2008

Looking back at Old Ford

A week ago I was nervous. Why? I was preparing to leave for Washington, NC for a revival at Old Ford Chruch of Christ. It has been several years since I was a revival speaker and I'd forgotten how nervous I got. So, how did it go? It was a good time and I don't mean to sound trite at all. It was good to spend time with Levi Cichorz, my friend & brother. It was good to see his family. It was good to to get to know Eddie Bowen and Patrick Harrison. It was good to be with the very talented Tony Krantz every night. It was good to see this "small town" congregation being so progressive in their methodology (while remaining doctrinally true). It was good to meet so many fine Christian people who were so generous, encouraging and hospitable to me. It was all good - the fellowship, the food, the family of God! It was a privilege and honor to be with them. I can only speak for myself, but I was revived! If you ever find yourself in Washington, NC., I hope you'll stop in and fellowship with the Old Ford church.


Melissa said...

You were always great at revivals. Though I bet you never encountered people quite like you did in good ole' King William, did you? Remember they wanted you to lead music too! And you have to remember Thomas Hill and his servant :) That was a great revival!

David H. Willis said...

That was unquestionably the most memorable revival I have ever done. Thanks for sparking my memory! I'm totaly enjoying the flashbacks. I'll never forget dining at Mr. Hill's.