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Friday, October 10, 2008

Shocking Admission

Larry Simons (of the so called "Real Truth Online" blog) wrote,
"My version of 9-11 CAN have errors because there is not just ONE
official alternate theory---there can be 100 variations of it since we dont know all the answers."
My take: Wow! This must have been a brief moment of clarity for the aforementioned anti-Christian blogger. He admits he doesn't KNOW exactly what happened on 9/11! He has a "theory"! And such theories can have "100 variations"! And he doesn't "KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS"!

Readers here at WTBW? are no doubt still stunned by Simons' shocking admission. Hopefully, this acknowledgment of ignorance by Mr. Simons may be his first step in returning to the real truth.

We are anticipating a name change for his blog to the "Real Theory Online" so as not to mislead real truth seekers on the internet. That would be the real truth (IMHO).


William Mckinley Dyer said...

I think he is going to admit his first mistake was admitting he could make a mistake.

David H. Willis said...

Actually, I get it all wrong in his opinion (what else is new?). My opinion and interpretation of his comment are way off. Let the readers decide. His words are a direct quote and can be seen on his site. He still thinks that 9/11was an "inside job" whatever that means. I'd welcome Larry back if he would lose the vitriol , the ad hominem attacks and the anti-Christian rhetoric. From his "attempted" comments thus far my opinion is that I can't give him that privilege yet. Probably never.