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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Queen

Well the "Queen " has passed through these parts recently creating quite a stir. Queen Elizabeth II has made a big splash locally & nationally but somebody help me here... Didn't we we fight a war to get rid of rule by kings and queens? Didn't we pretty much kick out her royal predecessors? I noticed she visited Jamestown but she didn't find time to visit Yorktown just a few miles away! I thinks it's kind of funny. I guess I just don't get the hype. Now I get the Jamestown celebration (But not the reinterpretation of events). For the record: If the "Queen" was coming down my street I wouldn't open the blinds in my front window to watch! For a rather thoughtful article about all of this, check out Pat Buchanan's latest.


Soren said...

Buchanan rocks! (as usual). But I'm sure that his remarks will be twisted out of context and used against him somehow.

Keith Wood said...

Queen...wasn't that an 80's rock band? I might go see them, but not any pompous monarchs from across the drink. Way to much pomp for my liking as well.