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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ron Paul?

I was on the Community of Faith Forum tonight and came across a "Ron Paul? Nah" thread. Below is my response:

I love Ron Paul. I love seeing him bring up the constitution in the debates. It's like bringing up Scripture when church people are debating. He has a "restoration movement" approach but with the Constitution instead of the Bible. Like Congress declaring war for instance. Anyway, I'm definitely leaning more Libertarian as the years go by. The Republican party is an ever increasing disappointment!


"Giving libertarians a bad name?"

I think he's bright and highly consistent and he's probably creating more interest in the Libertarian party too. He has 0 chance. The sheeple will continue to elect neocons or neocoms. More government & less freedom. Two wings on the same old buzzard (IMHO). So what will we get? It looks like McCain (Bob Dull #2) & Hillary (Clinton #2). I can't vote for either of these two. I say give the people the government they want because that's what they deserve! Here's to citizenship in Heaven!


Anonymous said...

Dave--do you read your comments? I posted yesterday under the story where that guy is between the Clintons. Why dont you put your email address on here? Im an old college buddy.

David H. Willis said...

Not to look suspicious, but how about posting yours? I get enough junk mail already so I'm a little hesitant to stick my email up here. I easily found if you want to make contact. For instance: Go to www.olivetcc.com You can find contact info there.

Anonymous said...

nah, thats ok, Ill just tell ya. Its musical genius Larry Simons here. I just about died laughing from the Gary Coleman logo. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I love Ron Paul too---I am very politically active now and I even went to Pittsburgh last year and met Ron Paul. We are losing America, and he is the only person who can restore it. Im heavily involved in the campaign up here and we and a group is going door to door between Feb 5--Feb 12 to campaign before the MD primary on Feb 12. But Dave---dont get me wrong bud---Ive really changed since RBC---same person in some ways, but way different in others. I say for the better, but Im sure some would disagree. I have a blog too and I do alot of writing. Im not afraid to tell you my site, but you will see how much Ive changed and Im sure you would be one of the ones who said I changed for the worse. If you wanna see my blog, tell me and Ill post it---but I wasnt here to advertise, thats why Im not just blurting it out now. I havent been involved in church for a while and since 2004 Ive actually been very liberal in some ways, but I guess Im a libertarian. Heres an example: I still think abortion is murder but I dont give a rats behind if two guys marry each other---what does that make me? lol (I have beliefs that you wont believe--lol)---nice talking to you

David H. Willis said...


It's great to hear form you. I'd love to read your blog and I'm glad you're a fellow Ron Paul supporter. Think he'll run third party?

Larry said...

Dave---Ill be very upset if he doesnt run third party. I believe this is why he isnt fully saying he wont run. When asked, he says "im 99.9% sure I wont"---leaving that smidge of possibility so if he does run, people cant say he's flip-flopped. Ill be very upset if he doesnt. I changed my party affliation from Indepedent to Republican for him. Why he is not more revered over Huckabee in the religious community baffles me. It just adds to my already convinced notion that people are sheep. Ron Paul has been married for 51 years to the SAME woman, he's a Christian---he has delieved 4,000 babies (very pro-life)--is rock solid on the Constitution---does not believe in pre-emptive war---in other words PEACE (which I'm sure Jesus was for, right?). 99% of Christians dont believe God could let evil men control America---but God must be asleep because its happening as we speak---and since evangelicals dont believe God would let that happen, they dont believe in all these things like the North American Union (coming) or that there are people in office and in high places in America who are ACTUALLY trying----TRYING to destroy America's sovereignty by attacking other countries---trying to merge Canada, the US and Mexico---and devaluing the dollar. Its just amazing that Christians dont flock to support Ron Paul----simply amazing.

David H. Willis said...

Evangelicals are like most folks politcally - uninformed. They are often just sheeple who go with the flow. Your points about Paul and exactly what I like about him.