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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Coach Who?

Gibbs is out and retiring & returing to NASCAR. I'm not too disappointed. Coach Gibbs' first run was fantastic and happened during my earlier years when I was much more concerned about professional sports. His second coming wasn't nearly as stunning though there are many lining up to praise Gibbs for his leadership in returning the Redskins to strength and stability. That said, conventional wisdom says Greg Wiliams will be promoted from within. Maybe, but I'm inclined to see it differently. One thing we know about owner Daniel Snyder is that he likes to use his big $$$ to make a big splash. I can't see him doing the simple conventional thing here. I look for a "big name " coach to be brought in: Bill Cowher... Pete Carroll... Jimmy Johnson (say it isn't so)... Brian Billick (please don't!)... Maybe "Mr. Snyder" can fly up to New England and offer Bill Belichick some enormous cash (I'll keep dreaming). Mike Martz is my personal favorite (at least it would be exciting). OOPS - martz just signed as offensive Coordinator with San Fran.

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