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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Church folks recognize the term "shut-in." The names of these people usually show up in bulletins for prayer, etc. Recently I got to thinking about this category within the church. I've encoutered "shut-ins" in department stores, medical facilities and at weddings & funerals. I know of some who seem to make it out to "hair appointments" and various other essential and non-essential activities with great regularity. I'm wondering if maybe we have assigned some sort of undo status to those in this category. YES THERE ARE GENUINE "SHUT-INS" and we do need to pay attention to them. But, I wonder how many "shut-ins" don't come to church simply because of reasons less respectable than being "shut-in." Younger folks have to use excuses... you know them: It's my only day off... The people aren't friendly... You don't have anything for my kids... I don't like the preacher (WHAT???)... We've been sooooo busy....ETC. But, "shut-ins" have a trump card and it makes them beyond reproach. Just try and criticize them and see for yourself. Yeah, I know one day I'll be old...but that's not my point! My point = every "shut-in" isn't truly shut-in. Okay, now I'll shut up about shut ins.

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