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Monday, September 24, 2007

Revival & More Revival

The Northampton Church of Christ concluded their fall revival last Wednesday and we began ours yesterday. It's been cool having back to back revivals with a sister church. D.J. Maxey was the speaker at Northampton. I've known him since he was a teenager and (I'll sound like an old timer here) I'm really proud of D.J. He is an outstanding preacher and is doing great things for the Lord in his ministry. D.J. is also the most spontaneously funny preacher I know. He had me on the verge of crying with laughter at times. I pleased that our revival has started off extremely well. George L. Faull is our speaker. Brother Faull has to be more well versed (pun intended) in Scripture than anyone I know. I am actually intimidated when I discuss the Bible with him! I just feel so dumb! He inspires me to want to study more and that's great. He's been tremendous in and out of the pulpit. His style is so good too. He brings so much depth in his messages - thorough, logical, meticulous and, of coure, biblical. I can hardly wait for tonight!


Soren said...

I wish I could be there to hear Brother Faull. I hope y'all have a great revival.

Anonymous said...

D.J. and George. You talk about variation of style! But they both are great preachers.

When DJ and Jason started at RBC I wouldn't have given you 2 cents for both of them. Then again I probably would have chosen one of David's brothers to be king. Just shows you what I don't know and what God does know.

Hope they revival has gone well. Sorry I haven't posted recently but I was in the Philippines for most of September.

God bless!

David H. Willis said...

It's great to have to you back. I knew DJ even before his RBC days and (I'll sound old now) I'm really proud of how the Lord has used him.