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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Truth Works

The following question was asked on a forum that I frequent:

Is it better to do what is true or what works? by this I mean is it better to do
something just because it works even if it goes against what is scriptural?

My response:
The truth works IMHO. I think we have a growing over emphasis on what works to
the neglect of truth. Pragmatism and truth aren't always polar opposites but the
enemy of the best is often second best. We see a great deal of effort and energy
expended on secondary issues while the main things are in the backseat. There
was the "excellence" wave for years - do everything the best...holy shoddy is
still shoddy, etc. Now we have an "experiential" wave - be authentic, use the
senses, create interaction, etc. Some argue that all of these incidentals create
a more potent impact and result in kingdom advancement. While I am not against
excellent experiences per se, I do think we may be neglecting weightier
mattters. I think in terms of my own preaching... Sometimes it has devolved into
a mutlimedia presentation with humor and illustrations and not much of the Word.
A funny, audio-visual extravaganza will make me popular but will it propel
people toward Christ-likeness? I believe we must always guard against the
degeneration of truth.

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