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Friday, February 01, 2008

Straight Talk from Pat Buchanan

Buchanan is right again.

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Larry said...

When people vote for McCain, they are voting for Bush all over again morphed into someone who is more insane and knows about as much about foreign policy as Bush does-----ZERO. Yes, we will attack Iran if McCain is Prez----count on that. Scott Ritter (no, not the Three's Company guy) said a day after we attack Iran gas will be over 10.00 a gallon and we better pick a city---any city in the U.S. to say goodbye to, because Iran will retaliate and obliterate one of our big cities. Yes, Pat Buchanan is exactly right. The Bush doctrine says our foreign policy is that we are to pre-emptively attack other countries even if we PERCEIVE there is a threat. In other words, a threat doesnt even have to be actually there----if we just THINK it's there--we can attack them. And guess who co-authored the Bush doctrine? Philip Zelikow---the man who ran the entire 9-11 Commission. Do you see a problem with that? Zelikow was the one in charge of determining what would be investigated and what evidence would be brought into the investigation. In other words---if the United States/White House were at fault in ANY way in the 9-11 attacks---that evidence would not have been brought into the investigation because of the fact that Zelikow had written the Bush doctrine (which, like I said, now allows us to attack countries if we feel like it) but also because Zelikow had ties to Condoleeza Rice (co-wrote a book with her) and also had served in the White House for 20 years. So, any wrong doing of the White House or the administration that may have led to or caused 9-11 would now be left out of the investigation because the one in charge had DIRECT ties to the WH and Bush administration. Do you ever see THIS in the media? Of course not.