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Thursday, January 18, 2007

L.T. - An Unemployed School Teacher?

LaDainian Tomlinson (L.T.) has been incessantly whining about his perception of the antics of a few New Enlgand Patriots after they recently and surprisingly beat L.T.'s Chargers. L.T.'s comments about the Pat's being classless would be laughable if they didn't garner so much attention. I'm really tired of the these bozo sports announcers who must begin every comment about L.T. with the requisite "L.T. is one of the classiest players in the NFL." Memo to these jock sniffers: L.T. is NOT ONE OF THE CLASSIEST PLAYERS IN THE NFL! These same clowns would be pounding Jeremy Shockey or Terrell Owens if they said anything resembling L.T.'s comments. This classless stuff reminds me of Fat Albert...
Russell: "Rudy, you remind me of an unemployed school teacher?"
Rudy: "An unemployed school teacher?"
Russell: "Yeah, no class."

1 comment:

Soren said...

"Hey, hey hey -- that ain't no way to play."

L.T. has to be a candidate for the "just shut up" award. As Dan Patrick said on his radio show, "Blame your teammates, L.T. If y'all had WON THE GAME, you would have prevented the Pats from dancing on your logo. You should be more concerned about the way the danced over the Cahrgers defense."