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Monday, November 24, 2008

You need to blog!

I have noticed several new bloggers arising lately. The look to be good ones too - Billy, Greg, Rick & others. I have also discovered a few existing ones that i like very much. I love the blogosphere especially because it affords me access to the work of so many I would otherwise have to do without. I just read so great stuff at Robert Lowery's blog. I'll probaly never meet him in this life and he has no idea who I am, but I get to glean from this profound teacher. Cool, huh? I'm also reminded that there are some good thinkers who aren't filling the shelves at the local Lifeway...like Aaron Saufley who's blog I read regularly. And, of course, I'm a regular at Mike "Soren" Kjergaard's blog too. He introduced me to this whole new world a couple of years ago.

Anyway, I was thinking of some guys who I wish had a blog. Here's my ever expanding list...

  • Jack Cottrell. He's the theological kingpin. He writes voluminously, but i say "how 'bout some more?" Get a blog!
  • George L. Faull. Sure he has a blog, but he needs to use it.
  • Johhny Pressley. My old professor at RBC. He is sharp and he needs to spread it around via the internet.
  • Dave Hileman. He's with the VEF and this brother is all about the Kingdom. He's also a voracious reader with a boat load of insights.
  • Ronnie Jones. He preaches in Mechanicsville, VA. He knows the Scripture and I'd love to get some of his takes.
  • Tim Warner of PFRS. He's a meticulous student of the Bible and the church. I always find him to be well studied and thoughtful.
  • Jim Tune. I know this brother has a lot to say and I want to hear it.
  • James Snapp. I discovered him on a discussion board and the guy is a thinker with a lot to offer.

So, who's on your wish list?


William Mckinley Dyer said...

Keith Woods...lol get on it big fella we are all excited bout blog-to-be

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love, buddy.

On my list is Neil Cole, who is a tremendously good author and thinker in the organic (house) church camp. He also has a blog, but hasn't posted anything in nearly 18 months. Check out his books "Organic Church" and "Search and Rescue." They'll definitely challenge your thinking on the church and how we do discipleship.

Melissa said...

Ronnie Jones...that would be a great blog! He's an awesome man!! Very knowledgeable and he preaches a great wedding sermon :) (I know, he did it twice for me...once in his office in a private ceremony and once in SC for a public ceremony!!)

Gman said...

Ronnie - would be. I'm trying to have him come Guest preach here!!