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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Reflections on this campaign...

Here are some of my random thoughts on this campaign.

I was frequently wrong...
  • I was sure Hillary would win the nomination & Obama would be her VP.
  • I thought McCain was done & had no chance at the GOP nomination.
  • I thought Romney was going to be the GOP's guy.
  • I thought McCain would go with a moderate for VP.
  • I thought McCain would close the gap before election day.

I still think I'm right that McCain is just Bob Dull (Dole) all over again.

The turnout is huge! Our church building is next to a voting spot. Our parking lot is almost full with the overflow & people are parking up & down the street to.

At my voting spot this morning I noticed the biggest turnout I've ever seen. The demographic make up of the voters was noticebly different too.

I believe the GOP has dropped the ball big time & is suffering the consequences.

I believe the natural gravity is for things is to move increasingly toward socialism.

This was the LONGEST campaign I can remember and I'm glad it's over.

It looks like the lesser of two evils argument will be with us for a long time.

I'm increasingly tired of politics. I think I better understand the apolitical crowd.

This election has certainly stirred the passions of many.

I was thinking it would get worse before it gets better, but maybe it will just keep getting worse.

I'm surprised by the political thinking of some of my friends. Some in a good way - some in a not so good way.


Anonymous said...

I think your conclusions are right on. I was at my polling place at 6:30, and the line was already out the door.

I, also, am a little shocked at some of my friend's ways of thinking about politics and government. They still, however, are followers of Jesus. What saddens me most is when Christians judge the maturity of another based only on how they vote. I have friends who have educated themselves on the issues and have thought long and hard on how they should vote. I disagree totally with them... but I totally respect the fact that they did their homework, whereas others vote from fear, or by party, or not at all.

What a lot of Christians must wake up to is this: government is the answer for change... the gospel of Jesus is. If the church would wake up and live how we're supposed to live--loving God, loving people, and serving the world--then we would see real, lasting transformation of people's lives (which can result in culture change).

David H. Willis said...


Anonymous said...

Oops... that last paragraph should read "government is not the answer for change... the gospel of Jesus is."

Neal said...

You gotta watch that Saufley guy - I think he actually DID mean to say "gov't IS the answer for change" ha ha ha Just Kidding A-rock.

I hear your reflections on the campaign and raise you a rant about it all on my blog - I held it for as long as I could - although not as eloquent as Sir David H. I just had to get some stuff off my chest.

I for one did NOT vote - and not trying to get others to follow - just couldn't be a part of it - right, wrong, indifferent - but I do agree we can no longer lump people into Christian or Not, simply by the way they vote - I am sickened by that as well.

If ya get a chance check out my thoughts and let me know yours - some good stuff Willis - keep it up!

Soren said...

They say it's up to Indiana and Virginia. I did my part, now y'all gots to do yours.

David H. Willis said...

I remember feeling a strange kinship with the folks in Indiana back when they went with Dole (instead of Clinton) along with VA.

William Mckinley Dyer said...

Didnt Dole have that arm problem and let me see McCain has an arm problem too. Coincidence??? I think not lol
If Obama wins it wasnt for his policies outside of this, "We hate Bush and im gunna change all he did"
I get an eerie feeling when i read Eph 6 bout the High Dark Spiritual Forces that we at war with b/c i am starting to see some of their fruits in the leaders of our Country. It shall no longer be God Bless America but Please God Save America. For all of us who truly believe its long overdue for the Church to stand up for herself, i think we are getting to a point where she is either gunna have to fight or die.
But like i said way back when on this blog, no matter who wins Jesus is still LORD. CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!! HALLELUJAH

David H. Willis said...

You got it - AMEN!

Laura W. said...

I realize the election is over. What's done is done. I've read the comments on here and I just need to say a few things... sorry if this gets long-winded.

I can't understand people who decide the best thing they can do is to do nothing. If someone declines to vote then they should never complain about the government.. not ever. They should move to Brunei.

Once again, last election only 1 on 4 "christians" voted.

What is wrong with this? Well, let's just give non-believers one more reason to call "christians" fanatical and out of touch with reality. So wrapped up in themselves and their religion that they can't relate to the unbelieving world. Give them one more reason to believe "christians" view themsleves as too good to involve themselves with silly politics.
I know non-believers who have said this very thing.

Was Jesus a man who didn't get involved because He knew one day God was going to come back anyways? Did He addressed tax collectors and Pharisees? Did He say a new order has come, or did he try to stay out of sticky issues and not concern Himself? He was the most influential man in the history of the world. Everything changed after Jesus came. Did Jesus take a stand on issues or was He apathetic?

In the Bible I read that there will be a war still to come, there will be rulers in place who are anti-God, there will be righteous people fighting for what is good. Didn't God destroy entire cities because they were too immoral? People have a one sided view of God... He is most definitely love, peace, goodness, mercy, and righteousness. However, there is another side to Him. The entire Bible is a love story from God to His people, *and* (don't miss this) a fight between good and evil. Good does win, but God still asks His people to play a part. To stand for what is right.

As I've said before... Jesus will not be running for president, or any other office for that matter... only humans (read: imperfect sinners). I know non-voters think they are making a statement... and they are, but it's not the kind of statement they think they are making. If christians won't stand up for Godly values... who will? We have a man about to be in power who will stand for things completely anti-biblical. Politics is not on the same level (by any means) as sharing the love of God with others, but, I feel that to say you shouldn't involve yourself with helping decide the future of not just our country, but our world is a cop out. I think to say you won't try to keep gay marriage and abortion from becoming more rampant than it already is in this country is being apathetic to things God is against.

This is just my opinion. I am not trying to offend, but rather share my heart on this issue.