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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All Night at the Shelter

This past Sunday/Monday I worked at the local homeless shelter with about 20 or so folks from Olivet. This was our third time doing so and I'm always surprised with how well everything goes. Our folks are divided into teams with differently responsibilities all functioning together. We do the evening meal and breakfast the next morning and everything else in between. One of our guys took full leadership of this ministry team (from me) this year and did a tremendous job. It was nice to do my job without having to be concerned with everything & everyone else. Working at the shelter always provides an interesting perspective and a time for some introspection. You wonder what you would so in a similar situation. I think of how these people might have ended up here. I try to see ways out for them and wonder who is stuck for the long term. Some are just here for the night while others are regulars. Some have substance abuse issues. Some have mental deficiencies. Some are criminals. I'm on the all night crew and that's the most fun for sure, but this year was pretty quiet. I did see one guy who went to high school with me. The deputy working overnight said this guy had been a frequent guest at the city jail. It's ironic because he seemed to be on that path back in the day. After staying up all night I returned home a little bit sicker (with the "crud") but a lot more thankful that I have a home..and that I don't have to stand in line for a meal or sleep on a mat on a hard floor...that I can take a shower every day and that I have family and friends who would be there for me.

Take a moment and consider how blessed you really are.

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