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Friday, July 04, 2008

Good Bye Jesse

The headline from Drudge: "Conservative icon Jesse Helms dead at 86"

By now you probably know that I'm one of those right wingers & a paleoconservative. The commentators are right - Jesse Helms was one of our guys. I never knew Helms to roll over & go soft like so many other "conservatives" & republicans. Many of his weak compromising peers were vacilating while Helms stood firm. He would drive the liberal types nuts and I loved it! I'm sure the "mainstream" press will use this opportunity to rehash Helm's "extreme views." I'm sure we will hear how he opposed the MLK holiday too. Ronald Reagan once said of Helms, "Bit by bit, he became more than a lonely crusader. He grew into a lionhearted leader of a great and growing army." I was a big fan of the late Senator as was my father (who was also a Carolinian). I never got to vote for Senator Helms as a Virginian but I did go to college in NC during his time in office. Wow, things have changed down there: John Edwards & Bob Dull's wife, Elizabeth! Jesse Helms will be missed. Maybe we will see someone like him again, but given the trends, its doubtful.

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