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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Questions in Parking Lots

Why do people drive around parking lots seeking a closer parking space when they are about to walk around a 500,000 square foot mall? Huh?

Why do people insist on backing into parking places? A faster departure + a slower parking job = more time! It is much easier to back out into open space than it is to back that Expedition into a spot at Walmart!

Why do some nitwits drive through parking lots like they are trying to qualify at Daytona? I guess it's hard to hold that 95 Cavalier back!

Why is it necessary to sit in your car a blast loud obscene music? Ignorance & Arrogance are a potent combintaion.

Why do people leave fastfood bags and drink cups on the ground in the parking lot? This is indeed evidence that fastfood causes brain damage!

Why do some lazy people leave their grocery carts in an adjacent PARKING PLACE? I guess lugging those 12 packs just takes it out of a guy!

Why can't people park it between the lines? Isn't this still part of the driving test?


Keith Wood said...

ANd why do some people insist on pulling into a parking spot that is too tight for their vehicle, pulling in so close on your driver's side you can't even hardly get your door open. When they were passing out stupidity, some people thought it wasa buffet and took all they could get.

Thanks for the laugh.

Levi said...

and why do some people pull up in the fire lane and think that they are God's gift and that the yellow lines where designating their parking spot. I fix them though I go in and pull the fire alarm It's amazing what a fire truck does to a BMW Z3. :)