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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Method of Church Growth

I was sent a link to this Cruising Down the Coast of the High Barbaree blog by friend several months ago. You really should read it in its entirety.

The particarly post was "Method of Church Growth"

Here are the main points which are obviously blunt & provocaive. I loved them!
  • Stop preaching crappy sermons.
  • Get rid of the prayer announcer.
  • Your praise band sucks. Get rid of it.
  • You have some crap hymns in your hymnal. Don't sing them.
  • Quit acting like such a fruit up there.
  • Talk like a human being.
  • They're supposed to be announcements, not Chinese Water Torture.
  • Teach stuff. Seriously.
  • Get to know your people and care about them.

This won't ever be as popular as the latest book by some "church growth expert" or mega-church pastor, but I sure liked it.

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Soren said...

I had forgotten about that post. It's just as funny this time around.