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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Be a Man

One of the problems facing the church is the absence of biblical masculinity. In this void egalarainism flourishes. Don't get me wrong, there are some good godly men out there. There just aren't enough "in the church." I see two extremes: the macho man and the sissy boy.

The macho man Christian is the guy who has completely swallowed the modern men's movement doctrine. Men don't want to learn in classrooms. Men are rugged, outdoor types. They want to chop wood, ride motorcycles, listen to metal, and have barbecues! So we have guys lift weights for Jesus and ride Harleys for Jesus and NEVER STUDY THEIR BIBLES. These guys suffer from an abundance of supefical masculinity.

The sissy boy Christian guy is the opposite extreme. These are those utlrapassive, yes mam, whatever you want dear types. No leadership, just compliance. These are usually married to the bordeline (if not full blown) feminist types. One of my favorite preachers once said, "You're not going to win men with a bunch of sissies!" Amen. These guys are emasculated and are in desperate need of a spiritual testosterone injection.

Both extremes result in a departure from true, biblical manhood. and must be rejected.

So, be a Christian man instead. Love the Lord. Love your wife & children. Provide for them. Protect them. Model faith in Christ for them. Love the church. Learn the Scripture. Be the spiritual leader in your home.


Keith Wood said...

SO what do you really think?

David H. Willis said...

I really think you're a Christian man. Hey, I hear your at RBC now. Is this correct? If it is, let's do a Chesapeake lunch or maybe I can venture down to Elizabeth City.

Soren said...

Woody back in NC? Why am I the last to know? He should buy us some manly food at the NACC.

Keith Wood said...

I will actually be moving this summer. RBC has asked me to be their VP of Development. Just call me Malcolm, Jr.

Come to the RBC reception at the NACC and get all the ice cream you want. Ice cream is manly food, right?

Dave, we will have to get together when I am out there. Keep the conservative juices flowing and all. Gotta make sure we keep RBC on the right track.