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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

George L. Faull

I'm excited to announce that George L. Faull will the speaker for our fall revival. He happened to be available so we decided to go for it. Brother Faull brings some seroius bible teaching/preaching when he comes. I don't know anyone who knows the Book like he does. Anyway, I asked if I could make some sermon requests. I hope he does at least one of them. Here they are...

  • I Have Never Split a Church
  • Where I Disagree With God
  • In Essentials Unity
  • Joe Brown’s Funeral
  • Mutiny on Old Ship Zion

And I threw in a couple of others with titles I can't remember. One about having a clear sound and one about being a disciple. I know he is going to rock!


Keith Wood said...

Was just at Hillsboro this past week. It went well. George and Kendall both spoke and did a good job. George always gives you some meat to chew on. The ones you chose are all classics.

David H. Willis said...

I just found my "I've Never Split a Church" tape. Man, that was good stuff!

BGAYSTF said...

Some years ago, I had the opportunity to be the Worship Leader @ a three-day revival Brother George led @ my home congregation.

What a pleasure! Such a fine preacher and even finer, most humble man.

I led a quickly-paced, thematic, blended service and no one sang the old AND new songs with more delight than George. He was so taken with the theme song ("Knowing You") that I gave him the cassette that featured the song.

Your congregation is in for a monumental blessing from God.

David H. Willis said...


Thanks for stopping at WTBW?

Anonymous said...


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