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Thursday, July 12, 2007


I've never been good at tennis but I really like the game. As a kid my favorite player was Bjorn Borg. The headband...the Donnay racquet... the two-handed backhand and the court cool of course. I couldn't stand McEnroe back then as he was Borg's nemesis and was the one who ultimately overtook Bjorn. Now I like Mac, but that's another story. I didn't catch breakfast at Wimbeldon this year (like I did back in the day when I was lost), but I did see a little of the postgame stuff in the afternoon. The coolest part was seeing Bjorn again. There he was talking about his Wimbeldon glory days. Great stuff! I used to try to look and play like him. It's funny how much I idolized the guy when I was a kid.


Soren said...

Bjorn still looks like he could play. I got home from the assembly in time to catch the fifth set. Fedderer is unbelievable. He doesn't even look like he's sweating, while Nadal was about ready to melt into the Wimbledon grass. He was so ticked that he lost. And then he had to stick around and watch the crowd go ga-ga over Roger. That must be tough.

Didn't Borg try to make a comeback several years ago? I seem to remember that he brought back the old wooden racket, but switched to something more modern when he was getting smoked.

David H. Willis said...

Roger is the man (maybe the best ever) but Borg is still my favorite. I think you're right about his comeback attempt too.