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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Typhoons = We are the champions!

A few months ago a childhood friend asked me to help him coach a coed basketball team for 8-10 year olds. Ironically we played together back when were this age (we won the championship back in the day). I was excited to help out so my daughters and I joined the Typhoons. It was a blast! Practice was a little stressful - I don't know how teachers do it! We had a good group of kids...some were very skilled and some were beginners, but they got along pretty well. It was cool because I actually went to school with some of the parents (Yeah I'm old). Anyway, last night we played for the tournament championship. We were matched up against a team that had beaten us in double overtime just a few weeks ago. We were probably the underdogs in the eyes of most. They started off very fast and it didn't look good for us at first, but we settled in and ended up winning by five! It was thrilling and was I couldn't have been happier for our kids. They played extremely hard - they were in it to win it! It was great seeing our players step up their games at the right time. I hope to be back next year. After the game I couldn't stop singing Queen's "We Are the Champions." Maybe I'm getting old, but I think I enjoyed this as much or more than when I was playing on our championship team 32 years ago!


William Mckinley Dyer said...

Everytime i hear that song i think of Mighty Ducks....way to keep ur players heads in the game Coach. Next gig for u might b coaching CNU

Levi said...

Those are great moments and I look forward to sharing them with my kids. It will have to be my boys if anyone becasue my girls aren't interested at all. reminds me of my Warwick River days, GO RIPTIDES!