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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Personally Invited?

I'm on my way into the office this morning taking the usual route by the same church sign I pass every day. However, instead of blending into the scenery, this time it catches my eye. The sign says, "You are persoanlly invited." I think the invitation was to their annual Easter production. Anyway, it struck in an odd sort of way. Personally invited? Really? To me, it seemed very impersonal and a reflection of modern "churchianity" at its finest. Now I haven't studied the etymology of "personal." Neither have I consulted an unabridged dictionary for all the possible meanings of "personal" or "personally". What I did do was ponder this "personal invitation" as I drove on. I wondered how silly it must seem to those who even notice the sign. I should also mention that this isn't some podunk church - it is a large program rich group with multiple services and a spiffy facility on a main drag. I'm sure they have the megachurch playbook in hand at all times. Yet they sitll felt comfortable trying to pass off a church sign as a personal invitation. I wonder how many similar things we do that are equally dumb?

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William Mckinley Dyer said...

Sometimes i see the things The Church does and i think, man if i wasn't a Christian i would be kinda freaked out, shoot i am a Christian and i get freaked out by it.