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Monday, June 30, 2008

Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder what the church would look like minus all the soft superfciality we've acquired? I'm part of a group of churches formerly known as a restoration movement which alledgedly speaks where the Bible speaks and is silent where the Bible is silent. Over time, however, we speak less & less about "Bible things." Shockingly, many church folks are quite content not speaking where the Bible speaks. In fact the issue is increasingly ignoring the Bible when it speaks. People can't speak biblically when they don't know what it says! Consider some of these recent true life incidents...
  • Long time church member approaches me with this question: "If the Bible says 'thou shalt not kill' why isn't the death penalty wrong?" I politely answered her question by reading Exodus with her and then suggested she start attending Sunday School.
  • Long time church member says to a staff person: "My son has this idea that you're supposed to be baptized to be saved." (Sounds like your son is reading his Bible!)
  • Long time church members quit a small group because questions arose and were answered regarding gender roles. (I could write a book on these scenarios: "When Women Wear the Pants").
  • Long time church member leaves when I say the "Sinner's prayer isn't in the Bible."
  • Long time church member refuses to go to small group Bible study around the corner from her home but will come if we move it "to the church."

John Macarthur says we should be the church militant. I'm thinking of some other phrases... How about the "church impotent" or the "church ignorant" or the "church indifferent?"


mark lukhard said...

Everyone who has done ministry can’t help but chuckle at the truth in your words , and then feel the bite of conviction as we remember so many others coming to us with the same issues. I’ve often taught , the opposite of love Is not hate, it is indifference. May God, forgive our indifference towards Him, His Word, and this broken world.

Fern said...

Longtime Church & Bible Study Member Here: It's really amazing how many people are just going through the motions or going with the popular flow of things. I see it as sleep walking through life. I even catch myself doing it a lot of the time. Lately I have been trying more and more to be aware and be present in this world. I don't want anymore time to disappear. I know I need to learn more and pray more and change into what Christ commanded. I have been brushing up my skills in conversation to be able to speak to people the Biblically correct way. It is very uncomfortable and hard because it does take learning, memorizing, and discipline, not to mention courage. Please know that there are those of us out there that are getting the message and spreading the message too. If it weren't for you and the Elders to teach me and guide me in the right direction I would be lost. We need you!

Soren said...

Amen and yea verily! You can't make this stuff up. Maybe that's why the primary metaphor for Christ's followers is sheep.

Missing you this week. It's not the same without you.