I grew up when Diff'rent Strokes was a popular television show. That's no big deal unless your last name is Willis. To this day I still hear those famous words popularized by Arnold: "Whatchu talkin bout Willis?" Usually they are uttered by someone looking at me as though I may have never heard it before. Yeah, right! Well this blog is what I (Willis) am talkin bout...my thoughts, observations & opinions. Enjoy...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

In the ZONE

The say ahtletes get into the zone - that place where they are "on fire" and things just seem to go their way. I think I'm in the zone right now. It's crazy... Im eating better, resting better & feeling better. I really think I'm preaching better and being a better man at home too. Also, things seem to be moving forward at church. This is huge. We've been through tough times in the last several monthes but I sense our time is now and we must throw off the junk that has been hindering us. We can't keep doing the same old stuff expecting different results and we won't! We will be making some significant changes in the weeks ahead. Their will be naysayers but the future is too bright and our mission is the importantr to be held back any longer. I appreciate the prayers. Thanks.

BTW, I'm preaching on Nehemiah Sunday after next! I'm going to be fired up!


Keith Wood said...

I'm fired up just reading how you are fired up. Where's my squirt gun...it's time to charge hell. Seriously...I pray things continue to go well! God bless brother!

David H. Willis said...

Thanks bro. It was good to hang out with you recently. I should've gone with chicken alfredo pizza!

Soren said...

(cue the 80's music)
"Your future's so bright, you gotta wear shades!"

Ditto what Keith said.

David H. Willis said...

Thanks bro!