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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some Answers

Here are some very brief answers to my recent interview. I was interviewed by a neighbor for an assignment in a Religion class at nearby CNU.

1. Do you believe the Bible literally?

Literaly is a loaded word. I believe the Bible is Divine revelation and is true. Some things in it are literal; some are figurative, etc.

2. Do you think we (the U.S.) should attempt to get other nations to embrace our form of Goverment?


3. What are your views regarding separation of church & state?

Keep them separated. I  would also note that we have freedom OF religion & not freedom FROM religion.

4. Do you believe your religion is the only correct one?

Yes. Jesus' subsitutionary death is the only means of salvation from mankind's sin (& coming punishment).

5. Who would you prefer handle benevolent/charity type efforts - government or private organizations?

Private orgnizations.

6. How do I feel about religious "hot button" isues like homosexual marriage, abortion & stem cell research?

-Homosexual marriage - incompatible with Christianity.
-Abortion - takes an innocent life.
-Stem cell - not sure, but think we can find others sources rather than cells made available from abortions. Would like to avoid a potenial supply & demand system here.

Do you address social/political issues at church?

Not much really. This can cloud our true focus. I'd prefer to keep the main thing the main thing.

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