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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"Hey, you're a pastor, right?" That question came from my approaching neighbor as I exited my car yesterday afternoon. He attends CNU & was working on an assignment for a Religion class. He needed to interview a "cleric" and you know me - I'm definitely a cleric! (lol) He recorded our interview with his spiffy green IPOD Nano (nice). Anyway, he asked a series of very interestig questions and I rambled off my answers. Here is the gist of a few (answers not included)...
  • Do you believe the Bible literally?
  • Do you think we (the U.S.) should attempt to get other nations to embrace our form of Goverment?
  • What are your views regarding separation of church & state?
  • Do you believe your religion is the only correct one?
  • Who would you prefer handle benevolent/charity type efforts - government or private organizations?
  • How do I feel about religious "hot button" isues like homosexual marriage, abortion & stem cell research?
  • Do you address social/political issues at church?
It was a really good conversation and I got to proclaim Christ. I could tell we had a lot in common at least politically. He's a Republcan moving toward Libertarian (like me). He's a Political Science major (I was too before switching to the most intellectually demanding major: Sociology!). He's a CNU student and I'm an alumnus. We supported the same candidate for Governor here in Virginia and, right now, we have the same mayoral candidate's sign in our respective front yards. There was much more, but the sum of the discussion was better than the details. How cool was it to have a college age guy sit in my living room and discuss with me the important issues of our day? VERY COOL. Now I need to figure out how to make that happen again.


david said...


William Dyer said...

If there is food there im sure any college guy would love to come talk to you

Willis said...

He got a Dr. Pepper, but maybe some real grub will help.

Larry said...

Awwwww, Dave "all about the truth" Willis deleted all of the comments from every post he put on here. Didnt want anyone to read where I continually schooled you on the 9-11 debate? All about the truth? LOL

I'm kinda interested to hear what your answers are to the questions the cleric asked you. Afraid to post them out of fear you will be the subject of a new "This Week In Dave the Fraud" story?? LOL

Neal A said...

As someone who worked with College students for 10 years - here is a short list that will help - in no particular order:

Free Food
Beer Pong Table (also know as a regular ping-pong table but when said as "Beer Pong" sounds much cooler - and for those non-drinkers a sweet game of "table tennis" might just break out
Pretty Girls
HALO or any other form of online/game system where you shoot things
Did I mention Free Food?
Some occasional form of wrestling match or UFC match either televised or performed extremely amateurly by said live participants
Did I mention pretty girls?

Okay I think that covers it - oh yeah and have a "cover charge" they don't really care what it is but it usually comes before most of the things they enjoy!!!

Hope this helps man! :-)

Willis said...


Maybe you should come up here & start a college ministry. Sounds like you know your stuff!

Bobby Valentine said...

David i just found your blog today. I appreciate it very much.

Willis said...

Thanks brother!

LarryS said...

Dave, since youre "all about the truth", tell your 3 readers why you REALLY got rid of the comments. Me and you both know why.

As far as your answer to "do you believe your religion is the only true one?" and your answer being "yes": Silly. Who DOESNT believe their religion is the only true one? If they didnt feel it was the only true one, they wouldnt practice it! Geesh.

This new DISQUS lets you block by IP address, thats one of the BIG reasons why you switched to it!!

LarryS said...

Oh no, it blocks by email address, not IP address.

Larry said...

"1. Do you believe the Bible literally?

Literaly is a loaded word. I believe the Bible is Divine revelation and is true. Some things in it are literal; some are figurative, etc."

I would love to see a list of the things you take literally in the Bible. Have that be your next story: Things you take literally from the Bible