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Thursday, September 03, 2009

"Who Stole My Church?"

I just finished Gordon MacDonald's "Who Stole My Church?" It was a rewading assigment for the guys in my Fusion group. Fusion groups are a much needed minstry started by the Virginia Evangelizing Fellowship (VEF) and I've been a part of one since their inception. So we met this morning and discussed the book (& lots of other stuff too). I'd wholeheartedly recommend MacDonald's work especially to anyone involved in a established church and looking to make some methodological changes. This is a fictional work but is still VERY REALISTIC. MacDonald writes of a weekly meeting he has with a group of older church members who are uncomfortable with the direction of the church and the changes that are being proposed. You will see people you know in this book - maybe even yourself. The funny thing was that I skipped the intro stuff and didn't realize it was fictional at first. I did have my suspiciaons! The book accurately reflects the mindsets we face when we strive to implement important changes in the church today. It helps understand the various perspectives in play too. It also provides some of the history of profound changes in the way the church has done things throughout history. He raises provocative questions as to what would have happened had the naysayers had successfully stifled many things we now take for granted. I think there is much that will be eye opening to most. I was especially encouraged by some of the intergenerational dialogue and understanding that took place in MacDonald's fictional church. This is an issue important to me. Also, though he touched on it breifly, his mentions of new church work reminded me of some of the best days in my own personal church history. And I better understand why these memories are so good.

I hope you will read "Who Stole My Church?" And if you already have, let us know what you think.


Gman said...

Our Fusion group enjoyed this book. I almost think there is a sermon series here with this book.

Rick said...

I will check it out. Sounds real good.