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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

John's Gospel

My preparation for a new sermon series on the gospel of John is now fully underway. I'm really excited! I've been compiling resourses (commentaries aren't cheap either!) after soliciting input and suggestions on what to get.  Let me say thanks for the helpful suggestions from some you. I also asked Jack Cottrell and Mark Moore for recommendations and both were quick to respond. If you know me you know I highly respect Dr. Cottrell. I also have found Dr. Moore's work on the life of Christ to be outstanding. I'm still waiting for a few more books to arrive, but I have enough to get started. Just doing the background and introductory work is very cool - much more so than I anticipated. I've never gone verse by verse in a sermon series through John so this should be a profound time for me. I hope & pray it is also powerful for those who hear these sermons and travel through John with me.

I realize John's writing was about Jesus (John 20:31) but my admiration for the apostle is growing too as I learn about the author of the forth gospel. What a tremendous disciple of Jesus he was!


Soren said...

I hope you will post your sermons online. I will be preaching through John beginning the first of the year. Let me know what resources were helpful


William Mckinley Dyer said...

Awwww yea!!! i cant wait