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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


If you've been attentive to gender issues and Bible translations then you are aware of the controversy which ensued when the TNIV arrived a few years ago. The NIV, longstanding enourmously popular Bible translation looked like it was to be replaced by the "gender neutral" TNIV. The ESV burst forth and was heavily supported by those who rightly opposed gender neutrality in Bible translations. There was a lot of fall out in cyberspace and the debate isn't much less heated even years later. So now a new NIV update is in the works for 2011. As I long time NIV user I am interested to see where this goes. It looks like those behind the NIV/TNIV have admitted "mistakes" in their recent translation efforts. Several evangelical big boys (Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan) and the good folks at CBMW seem hopeful. I'll be hoping for gender accuracy.


William Mckinley Dyer said...

See if u would just come on over to the REAL BIBLE (NASB) you wouldnt have this problem

The Seeking Disciple said...

Should be interesting to see what direction the NIV update takes. Will it go down the slippery slope of the TNIV or will it try to remain closer to the original texts as the case with the ESV? We shall see.