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Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Blog List Grows

It's time to recommend two new blogs for your consideration. Both of these bloggers will be familiar to some who stop in here.

The first is Blair Yager's "What Will BAY Say Today?" Dr. Yager was a professor of mine back in college and taught some of my favorite classes. He's now a professor at Regent University in nearby VA Beach. Don't be alarmed - Blair is still rock solid doctrinally. Blair is sharp and I'm excited to see what his blog will offer.

The second is Sam Loveall's "Less Than I Want To Be, More Than I Was" blog. Sam is better known as "Sammyboy" around here. We also go back to college. I remember Sam especially for his singing voice. This brother can flat sing! Trust me if you haven't heard him. But Sam is more than a vocalist; he's a thoughtful and insightful brother. I think you will be challenged by reading his blog.

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SammyBoy said...

Thanks, Dave. You're ever so kind.