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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Go Jesus!

We got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. We were all over it for the first couple of weeks, but it faded in popularity after our children returned to school and other activities. Recently the Wii has reemerged at the Willis household. Last night something really cool happened. Before I tell you what occurred I need to give you a little background information. The Wii allows you to create and name various characters to play with in games. Pretty cool feature actually. Our kids really got into to this and made a ton of characters. I think my son, Preston, has created about a dozen versions of himself. Anyway, last night he had his best bud, Aidan, over for a sleepover and they were playing baseball on the Wii. Then I here them shouting about Jesus. What's up? Apparently someone (one of our children I'm sure) made a Jesus character for our Wii. Well, Jesus must have come through big time because the boys began to shout in unison: "Go Jesus! Go Jesus! Go Jesus!" All I can say is AMEN!

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William Mckinley Dyer said...

BAHHAHA sometimes i wonder if God is up in Heaven going "Hmmm i bet they will remember me by this better than a sermon when they get to be teenages"