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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My boy is brilliant

We are riding in our van last night when a most memorable conversation takes place between Delaney (8), Preston (6) & yours truly.

Delaney asks: "Where are we going?"

I reply: "We are going to the store."

She asks: "Why are we going to the store?"

I reply with my own question: "Why do we usually go to the store?"

Preston pipes in: "To buy stuff that we dont even need."

BRILLIANT! That's all I can say. My boy is wise beyond his years!!!


Levi said...

is there more to the story or am I missing something?

David H. Willis said...

Preston's comment simply reminded that we often waste $$$ on stuff we don't need. Amny trips to the store result in impusle buys or purchases as junk that we could easily do without. It struck me as I thought of how much time/$$$ has been wasted in this way.

Levi said...

i didn't see the whole conversation that is brilliant! Now the question is did you buy stuff you didn't need?