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Friday, May 09, 2008

Cottrell's latest

Jack Cottrell's latest book related to the ongoing "gender wars" in the church has just become available. If it's like his previous works, then it is a must have for discerning church leaders. Cottrell, in estimation, is the preeminent theologian in our movement today and is well respected beyond our fellowship. He continues to write prolifically and I am most appreciative (as are many others). His works related to the roles of women demonstrate his commitment to truth inspite of the times. I pray the next generation will see another "Cottrell" appear within our movement to help stave the incessant barage of egalatarian assaults on the church. There's a good review of Cottrell's Headship, Submission and the Bible: Gender Roles in the Home over at the Gender Blog.

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to Cottrell.